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In this video, I am creating four different hair looks using the same base braid. The braid for all of the looks is a simple crown dutch braid. In the beginning of the video I show how the crown dutch braid is done. It will take some practice but in no time you will be a master! Just keep trying and trying and you will get it. I promise! It’s so worth it to take the time to learn this braid because it is so versatile. I wear my hair like this all the time and then just pull it back into a ponytail to wear it at the gym. It stays put and gets my hair our of my face. This is how I did my hair in my Show Me Your Mumu Oliver Tee post. :) It took me close to half of an hour to finally master the braid when I was first learning, and that was trying over and over again. This braid is built on continuously for the four different hair looks.

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Talking about the Lauren James Boyfriend Tee on MB tonight!!
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