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Just posted a great discussion with Aaron Habel co-host of "The Generation Why" podcast. He candidly talks about how their podcast grew from humble beginning to become a consistently top rated podcast. He also discusses all their equipment woes, audio quality issues, and how they successfully monetize the program.

Hear it here :

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After 6 months in the making I'm about ready to launch - which is training more on audio content creation - less on equipment and tech (though I cover that too). Everything should be functional .

Would love to have you check it out - lots of free advice - and would really appreciate your feedback. - Thanks
Perfect Your Podcast
Perfect Your Podcast

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Thanks to those who are having me critique their podcasts for my upcoming training... In anticipation of that, I would love to get your comments on something...

I know much of the great podcast training I see is technical (what mic or software to buy, how to tag your files etc).
As a podcaster would you be interested in training that covers all that but is more focused on things like:
*Understanding listener fatigue and how to avoid it.
*Understanding listener retention and how to create it.
*How to improve your interviewing skills instantly.
* How to find better guests
*Why creating curiosity and anticipation is the best ways to keep people listening  - and how to use them in a podcast.
* How to give your voice more power, warmth and clarity.

In other words, less technical - more on creation. Would really LOVE to get your thoughts, please. thanks -

Hi, I am creating unique podcast training and looking for podcasters who are willing to have their podcasts critiqued as part of the training.  Please feel free to check me out at and

Training will focus on how to create and produce the content (less on equipment and technical). Things like,  listener retention, listener fatique and how to avoid it, pacing, length,  tune-out factors,  interview skills (I have interviewed over 8,000 experts and authors) using the power of teases and curiosity and using professional voice techniques. In general "How To Use The Medium". If interested, please email me at

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Hi I'm Mike Carruthers. For many years I have hosted the nationally syndicated radio show "Something You Should Know" and recently started a new podcast (and blog) called

I believe a podcast revolution is here. Most radio listening happens in the car. As new cars roll out equipped with Wi-Fi, people will no longer be limited to traditional radio or CDs or mp3 players plugged into their cars. They will have the entire Internet in their dashboard including every single podcast.

This is HUGE and has the radio industry terrified. But it will require podcasters to re-think some of what they do in order to capitalize on this revolution.

I'll post more about that later and look forward to getting your thoughts as I think it is one of the most important things facing podcasters right now.

But for now, Hi! This seems like a great group of people.
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