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ALL of C.S Lewis is available at, public domain at last.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please give a warm round of welcome to Mister Lewis...

While I'm sad to say that this awesome fanfic crossover is technically illegal, I highly recommend you read it anyways.

Tolkein won't profit, and CS Lewis can't object now.

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After reading Sycamore, I came to realize that somethings need to be kept private. I'm working on getting an Elgg installation up and running, with HTTPS and Perfect-Forward-Security.

Speaking of Sycamore, it's a great book. Imagine if Google went evil- or Amazon, or Facebook, or Samsung, whoever - this future is already present. In the book, the author doesn't explore the ubiquitous hacker culture that would surely figure out how to circumvent the worst aspects, but then again, who really "owns" their devices?

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Oy yes!

The best free Office suite just got better: LibreOffice is now at version 4. More stable, more features, and it's also nicer to use than ever! Save yourself a couple hundred and go with LibreOffice not MS Office '13 this year.

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This episode of stupidity courtesy of Hamburg, Germany, and the judges that sit on benches. I'd also like to dedicate this one to stupid lawmakers worldwide.

Here, the court ruled that YOU are responsible for all data passing through your system, workings of the Internet be damned. Basically, this means that ISPs can now be sued for data (even if encrypted!) passing through routers in addition to network operators.


A real-world equivalent would be jailing the postmaster for a death threat mailed by a twit from Texas (sorry Texans). Or for libel! Or for... Almost as stupid as holding car manufacturers responsible for drive-by shootings or criminals using getaway vehicles.

The ruling is sure to be appealed, but it has already set a bad precedent.

This has been an episode in stupidity. I hope to see you again soon! (Actually, I'd rather not - we'd be better off without stupid people doing stupid things)

#dumblaws #stupidlaws #stupidity #madness #stupidityhasnolimits  

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The Conservatives are back at it again, even with creepy Toews out of the picture. What's their game? Oh, just forcing your ISP to spy on you - and then charge you!


No, Mister Warkentin, this bill does not help against bullying.  We have existing laws in place to deal with bullying, regardless the form or medium it takes.

Anyways, just sharing this with you all.

Remember: "protecting the children" never protects them, and only serves as a way to strip you of your rights.

Stand up against this nonsense.
My Daxian XY100S arrived today. Here's my war story:
"Hey, bro! I got a package slip. Grab your ID, and get over here!"

I groaned. My sister had the habit of being cheerful, and yet so... pushy. On the other hand, I'd been waiting a week. Was my phone in- or did hers get here first?

"The name?" I asked.

She paused. "It just says Williamson."

"Okay, I'll be there."

"See you in two!"
Five minutes later, I'd changed out of my comfy flannel pajama pants, dug out the bike, dragged it out of the yard and started pedaling pell-mell for the post office.

It was a heck of a ride. Puddles from the previous night's spectacular thundershow splattered across my pants, making turning difficult. I skidded around a corner, down the path, around a baseball diamond. A little winded, I finally ran into her at the skate park. Literally.
The package was bigger than I'd expected. It was the size of a CFL football- no, the size of a Poodle, and just as awkward to carry.  Ever try to bike with a football under an arm? Don't.

I didn't either.

Sis had the bike, I had the package. In a laughing lurch, we raced for home. My imitation of a running back was passable- I at least kept up to her for a half-block.

Opening the package was awkward. We had to use a knife- and even then, we had to rely on brute strength. A slit made we. Then we played tug-of-war.

The cocoon unraveled, revealing a white-and-green box. Not your typical box. More of a shoebox, with a gap between the top and bottom. It was green.

I opened it.

There's a phone in a plastic sleeve. There's two batteries. There's a charger. There's a cable. There's a silicon case. There's even a screen protector.

I handed it off to my sister to assemble.

We watched together as it booted. It's magic.
I spent the next hour futzing with the computer, reading a spanish tutorial on rooting it. My spanish is not all that great, and neither is Google's. I installed the driver, and spent a half hour trying to get the root to work. Finally, frustrated, I reboot the computer.

I tried it again.

This time, it worked.

#daxian #daxianxy100s #rooting #rootingtutorial  
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Oh right that makes sense.... Lol
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Speaking of a fifty dollar smartphone, this is it:

Single core, 1500mah EDGE network Dual SIM

Not bad. Almost as sucky as my $130 Galaxy Gio.

If you shell out another fifty, you get a way better phone:

Quad core 1800mah C-3G/EDGE Dual SIM

Did I mention Quad Core? Thing's pretty much a Galaxy S3 at 1/4th the price! It's also on sale, at a lower price than I paid for mine (hasn't been shipped yet, though).

Austin Williamson

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Oh my gosh! I got a reply from Cory Doctorow! #authorsdoreply  

Austin Williamson

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Dear Google,

If I exchange an email with somebody, it does not mean I'd like to add them to friends. Please, Google, only suggest if I have multiple conversations. Please.

Freedom is my middle name
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