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Carter Gibson
Program Manager, Community Management (Google+)
Program Manager, Community Management (Google+)

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Gorillaz are back

Bey may be my goddess, but my favorite has looooong been the Gorillaz - and I'm thrilled to see them back Their album will have 26 songs. It releases April 28th. Its narrative explores what happens when your whole world changes unexpectedly.

Greatest of days.

Andromeda: We've Got The Power:
Saturn Barz:

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Apparently I'm in Resident Evil. 

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Getting your help to find the best Collections and Communities

We know you know Google+ best. That's why we're excited to get your help identifying the best Collections and Communities to feature. Featured Collections and Communities are more likely to show up in recommendations and represent the most interesting aspects of our network. From Lego photography to aviation, Google+ is a destination for people interested in just about about anything.

We're starting with a small group of folks to see how things go. If you'd like to help out, please let us know here:

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Blue Fire Megacoaster - Mack Rides' most important ride

Before Blue Fire Megacoaster, the vast vaaaaast majority of big, looping rides were built by Intamin AG and B&M. And while that still may be true, Mack Rides became widely known after constructing Blue Fire Megacoaster. It's a launch coaster with a 105' loop and loads of inversions and swift turns. Located at Europa Park, Blue Fire is largely considered an important coaster for how well it did things once thought to be reserved for just a few manufacturers.

Length: 3,464.6 ft
Height: 124.7 ft
Inversions: 4
Speed: 62.1 mph
Duration: 2:30
G-Force: 3.8
Max Acceleration: 0 - 62.1 mph in 2.5s
- LSM Launch
- 105 ft tall Loop
- Twisted Horseshoe Roll
- In-Line Twist
Capacity: 1,720 riders per hour

Image via BlooLoop

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We put #CreatorsFirst on Google+

A year ago today, Google+ started the Create program. It exists to foster some of the top talent on Google+, connect them together, and allows Google to support their endeavors. I believe that programs like this are vital to any network where users create, share, and connect through content. Google+ Create is vital in helping us show people not just the stuff they're into, but the awesome stuff they're into.

I am incredibly proud to be on this team and am always looking for the next incredible creator. You can apply at

Happy Birthday Create!

PS. If you want to know more about the Content and Community Management Team does, I wrote up a thorough explanation here:

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My manager +Danielle Buckley rocking it at Google Cloud Next!

Last year, Google+ became part of GSuite, putting it right next to Gmail, Calendar, and Drive. Internally here at Google, we've been using Google+ in a way that we thought other companies could too. For those who don't know, us Googlers have an internal version of Google+ that we use to talk to just each other. That content is private, but we still poke our heads out into public content every once in a while (or all the time) too! If you're wondering why you can sometimes find two profiles for Googlers, this is why.

In 2017, Google+ will increase its focus on the enterprise. While that may sound a little scary if you're a consumer, don't fret. GSuite is well known for its products that are both enterprise and consumer focused. The good news is that both enterprise and consumer users really like to find the stuff they're interact and interact with / collaborate around it.

If you're curious about where Google+ is headed this year and what value it holds for companies, please watch Danielle's talk. As an added incentive, Danielle talks about Google+'s roadmap for 2017 - something that doesn't happen very often at all for Google's products. Enjoy :)

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Hey iOS! We hear you. Enjoy native community moderation on iOS starting today.
Native Community Moderation

Today we’re launching native community moderation for the iOS App. This should make the experience of moderating a community on your mobile device quicker and easier. Simply tap the moderate button and get to posts held for review, posts identified as spam, and requests for approval to your community. Let us know what you think!

~original post 3.6.17, updated 3.8.17~

My entire life, my most important mentors and role models have been women. Whether it's my boss at my first internship, the women in the Kogod Center for Career Development who taught me all I know, my mom, or any of the various women I've worked with in all my roles, I've never once considered the fact that their gender may restrict their impact.

I believe that's what everyone should think - but they don't, so here we are on Women's Day trying to convince sensitive, fragile men that women are equal.

The idea that working, intelligent women are a subversion against our current structure sickens me to my core. We need to raise women to believe that they are entitled to the same success of men and that their ambitions should not be restricted by any man's expectation of her. I want a world where women are excited to fight for promotions and education instead of men. I also want a world where men encourage them to do so and fight for their equal treatment.

We are not stronger when we tell women that they are lesser than, property, or that they should be prettier. We are stronger when women are encouraged to be whatever they want to be.

One person that I'd like to call out, specifically here, is +Natalie Villalobos​​​ who was the vanguard of community on Google+. #SheInspiresMe to live up to my potential day after day and I am excessively grateful for all of her mentorship. Thanks Natalie :)

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Add GIF's from Gboard on Android

En. Joy.

I know I will.
G+ Android version 9.6.0: Support for GBoard Animated GIFs

Starting today with version 9.6.0 of the G+ Android client, we are enabling a new feature: support for adding animated GIFs to your posts and comments using Gboard! Now it’s easy to find and send an Animated GIF for the perfect reaction.

We hope you have as much fun using this new feature as we did in developing and testing it!
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