Star Wars: The Rise of Cthulhu

The Call of the Force
     It is a call that makes people distant. Logic is all that is left of the person, logic not of this universe. With greater use of the force, the call slowly drains away the emotion and personality of the person until they no longer care about the fellow sentient beings. Also with greater use of the force, the user attracts followers. Followers who like nothing more than to release the true form of the force user.
The force user will never know what form they will take, but the followers will. They have ancient knowledge which allows them to known why planets no longer have a diverse climate. It is this cause that determines the form, and drives to followers to acts of madness. For in each in every planet is a great and terrible evil locked away.
"That is not dead which can eternal lie. And with strange aeons even death may die." - Unknown
The followers will awaken their masters with the help of their master's sevitor, or Jedi in the old tongue.
The Fall of Alderann
Alderann was being overrun by several transformed Jedi, which the followers were calling Deep-ones, and hundreds of creatures that seemed to break reality at will. But before that, the planet was experience strange weather patterns. Unknown to many in the galaxy, the planets use to have a more diverse weather patterns.
Before the rise of mortal sentient on this reality there was something else. A race of beings, you could call them gods, battled. The losing gods where locked away in different planets. Much time pass and life as we know it began.
Humans, Mon Calamari, Rodians, Trandoshan, and many more once knew worlds had more than one environment. But the bonds that locked away the “gods” weaken, and the single environment became the norm. The single environment is a side effect for the stars are right.
While the prisons are weak, the Great Old Ones still slumber, and the dreams of these great old ones enter into the certain minds. Some of them became hopelessly insane, others are not so hopeless and can hide amongst society doing the bidding of the old ones, and yet others are touch by the powers of these immense beings. This power is known as the Force, and some have learn to use it and turn it against the Great Old ones.
Now when Alderann was being overrun, help came by way of the Republic and its saviors The Sith. Even with their ability to kill some of these foul spawn, the Sith saw how bad Alderann got, so they had no choice. In a blink of an eye, thanks to the Death Star, Alderann was gone.
There is no possible way for the Sith’s light-saber to work, but yet it does. If one would allow to open one (a big if), they would see strange arcane symbols written in blood and ordinary crystal. It is these light-sabers the only thing that could harm a released Great Old One, but only harm them enough to imprison them again, for not even the Sith can destroy them.
The Hunger of Planets
Rumor has Alderann was not the only world to be wiped out, but it was not the Sith’s doing.
Many outer rim planets have been attack by some unknown faction. And those who survived claim they witness a planet suddenly appearing on their sensors. One survivor claims to have seen it, and describes it as rolling orb of flesh.
This survivor of the planet Tatooine, a young man by the name of Luke Skywalker, was taken by the Sith, but not before his words was recorded and released to the Holonet, two words, which he kept repeating, Yuuzhan Vong.
This planet, thing, or Yuuzhan Vong surrounds and then engulfs normal planets, and strips it of life, and it reworks the flesh of sentient beings. These workers then go out scouting for more planets as the gigantic hungry invaders stays in the orbit surrounding the planet.But the feeding takes weeks. Yes, for a time they are still survivors. Imagine the horror of seeing the once blue sky now a rolling mass of changing eyes, teeth, and tentacles.
This is not the Government You are Looking for
The Sith in this setting saved the Republic from being destroyed from mythos worshippers. But they saved the republic in name only. Many parts of the Galaxy has been broken up into little pieces ruled by these Sith warlords, but even these warlords are kept in check by three things.
They keep their force use a secret from the rest of the population. If it were to get out these freaks of nature were controlling a planet, the Sith would be dispatched.
The Great Old Ones, also known as Elder Evils, are a constant threat, and even two warring Sith warlords (I mean Senators of course) would untie to against such a terrible foe.
The mightiest of the Sith, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine is in control of the biggest part of the Republic, and even though it is fractured, it still quite large.
How to do you fit in?
In a galaxy surrounded by Elder Horrors, and constant cold wars that can become hot. In a galaxy where the species have never been more distrusting of each other, thanks to propaganda of the Sith. What will you do to survive?
Will you work for you planetary government and blindly accept the “truth” of you Sith overlord?
Will you try to improve relation with the Republic?
Will you be Sith apprentice striking down your enemies be they elder horrors, or someone who just crossed you?
Or are you one of those strange conspiracy theorist, who believe the worlds are being controlled by the Elder Horrors and now have formed a rebellion.
Chose wisely, and be mindful of the force.
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