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The more I look knit the better I feel about it. I did scarves and now working on coffee sleeves. I was wondering there was a RAK?

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Introducing the Mary Kay Momma
Hello there and welcome to my blog. My name is Charity Tipton and I am the Mary Kay Momma and this is my journey to not only getting to work from home and be my own boss but also to earning the coveted Pink Car. I will not stop until I have that pink car bu...

I have a question. Those making Afghans, how are you connecting your panels

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Sage & White Knitted Scarf now in my Etsy shop with my beautiful daughter as my model.

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My first attempt at loom knitting a scarf. Finally got brave though to try something new. What do you think?

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Good morning. Take am moment to help me kick off my Abby + Anna business. What can I get for you today? Tons of styles and sizes.

Alright my friends. I have a 15 inch rectangle loom and a newbie. What's a good project to start?

I have a rectangular loom. What is the best item to start with for a beginner?

Looks like I am closing my Etsy shop and selling directly on social media 

Hi there. My name is Charity and I am the owner and creator of Crafty Goddess Creations. My website is
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