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Today, (January 11, 2013) my 23 year old daughter was at the Simpsonville location, with the client that she provides home health care for. While shopping, she had placed a bottle of nail polish in her cart, changed her mind, and returned it to the shelf. She continued shopping, and went to the check-out. The cashier, (short, old, obnoxious woman with a New York accent) asked her where the make-up was. My daughter stated she did not have any make-up. Ms. Obnoxious, then proceeded to tell my daughter, that the "girl in the back" had seen her pick up nail polish, and conceal it under the coats that she was carrying for her clients. My daughter lifted the coats, to show that there was nothing concealed, and told her that she had put it back on the shelf where it belonged. The lady continued to be rude to her. My daughter paid for her purchase of other items and left the store. When she told her client what happened, she returned to the store and asked to speak to the manager. He was very rude, and actually threatened to call the police on the client if she did not calm down. He went outside to tell my daughter that it was basically no big deal, and I quote.."this is the end of it". He did not apologize. He continued to be rude about it. I know this, as I was on the phone with my daughter at that point, and could here him speaking to her. Needless to say... he can keep his crappy little store, his rude employees, and his false accusations... as none of us will ever return to this business.
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