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7 Reasons Why Smokers Switch to Vaping E-Cig
Are you still smoking traditional cigarette or tobacco? This is a wake up call for you. Smoking cigarette has a chemical that has a bad effect on your health and life in general. In fact, there are serious health risks that lies to it. There are still a lot...

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Vaping E-Cigarette 101: A Tutorial
Electronic cigarette is considered a personal vaporizer. The said electronic product runs on a lithium battery. What does it mean? Some e-cigarette are made as an alternative to smoking but compared to it, e-cig basically rely on liquid rather than nicotine...

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Switching to E-Cigarette: Top Reasons Revealed
Are you one of those who switch from the traditional cigarette to e-

cigarette? No doubt that millions of smokers today choose the latter

because of the benefits of switching to this electronic product. Here

are some of the top reasons why from an adul...

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E-Cig Flavors: The Best Thing About Vaping
Indulging with different flavors of e-cig is what makes it more exciting to use and it's the reason as well why many are trying to switch to this electronic product. Still, the innovation on e-cigarette flavors are ongoing and in fact, there are several e-l...

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TLC Is What Your E-Cigarette Needs
There are proper and easy tips to clean your e-cig and storing it the right way

afterwards. It's always a good idea to at least give it some TLC to maintain its

performance and to make sure that it will last a lifetime. First Tip. Clean the Battery With...

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E-Cigarettes: Reduce the Risk of Mouth Problems?
You might be wondering on how safe e-cigarettes could be now that many issues and arguments about how tobacco and electronic cigarettes affects your health are spreading in every corner. Probably, there are some reasons why people are doing this. Reviews sh...

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Preserving Your E-Cigarettes
You might be one of the generation's smoking quitters and seriously switched to e-cigarettes . Somehow, there are several things you need to know to preserve your new blu cigs. Preserving means keeping something to make it last for a long time. Do you want...

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Choosing E-Cigarettes At Work
More and more employees all over the world are experiencing new freedom by choosing e-cigarettes over tobacco. Electronic cigarettes (or e-cigs for short), are refillable and rechargeable devices that most people use when they want to quit smoking. While it...

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E-Cig Accessories: Experience New Freedom
Are you wondering if you can experience something better with your blu cig ? Aside from a nicotine-free life, electronic cigarettes (or e-cigs, for short) offer a portable and environmentally-friendly solution to an age old problem: smoking. If you haven't ...

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Tell Me What's Your Flavor
Did you know that there's more to smoking with blu ? People may congratulate you that you have quit smoking and found a healthier way . People may think that smoking is bad for the health, but the moment they would realize on the facts electronic cigarettes...
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