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Orthopedic Associates of SW Ohio
Regional Leader in Comprehensive Orthopedic Care
Regional Leader in Comprehensive Orthopedic Care

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Is Anterior Hip Replacement right for you? Dr. Chad Weber is one of the few physicians in the Dayton area who performs this innovative surgery. 

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Our Physicians Dr. Brent Bamberger and Dr. Jeffrey Rogers completed a ‪Medical Missions trip with Legacy of Healing in May to care for citizens of Paraguay. "To be able to travel to an underdeveloped country and care for children and young adults with state of the art anesthesia, and work side-by-side with remarkable plastic surgeons, is an experience I will never forget." - Dr. Bamberger
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Tips to staying safe during the winter:
1. Allow for extra time to drive/walk to your destination.
2. Find alternate routes that have been cleared for walking and driving.
3. Walk with your feet at shoulder width or wider. 
4. Take short steps and walk at a slower pace so you can react quickly to a change in traction.
5. Keep your hands empty and out of your pockets. 
6. Proper footwear: insulated and water resistant boots with good rubber treads is a must for walking during or after a winter storm. Keep a pair of rubber over-shoes in your car with good treads.

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Interesting "study." Tip of the day: always read the entire story and assume nothing, even if it comes from a credible journal
Hot off the presses in this month's JAMA: a "research letter" regarding +Google Glass and scotomas (blind spots). Interesting question to look at but seriously small sample size (3). I am encouraged that wearable technology continues to find its way on the pages of even the most distributed medical journals...

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Congrats +David Martineau and +Brent Bamberger for the exciting work and cover feature!

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Drs +David Martineau and +Brent Bamberger taking time out for the "paparazzi!" Showcasing +Google Glass at the Hand Center of SW Ohio
Love getting pictures #throughglass  of people taking pictures with my +Google Glass on! Here we're getting photographed in front of the Hand Center of SW Ohio for an article in the Kettering Health Network news!

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Thanks to Drs. +Brent Bamberger and +David Martineau for participating in a weekend resident and fellow education opportunity! Complete with pictures demonstrating just one of the many uses of +Google Glass 
A little Saturday morning cadaveric dissection (WARNING, cadaver arms pictured) with a couple of world famous surgeons: Brian Adams and +Brent Bamberger with an excellent resident and fellow turnout. As seen #throughglass   #orthopedic   #surgery   #cadaver  
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