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Knocking items off our epic to-do list
Off to open a cross-border bank account today, so that we can hire a Realtor to find us a house to move ourselves and our belongings to. I wish it were within our budget -- time and money -- to send one or both of us to St. John's for a week of reconnaissan...

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"[T]he symptoms are basically gone"
A cautionary tale about D.I.Y. tonic water in an age where we can find small-batch "artisanal" tonics and non-alcoholic homebrews at the farmers market: I'm not saying that you need to be a food scientist or a compounding pharmacist to do things safely, but...

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Philly bucket list: Poe house, Fednuts
The mister has put together a "bucket list" of places he wants to see, things he wants to do, and restaurants he wants to try before we leave. Today: The Edgar Allan Poe National Historic Site is on 7th Street, one block north of Spring Garden. Admission is...

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Should you hire an immigration lawyer? (Yes.)
Dropped the mister's first round of immigration paperwork at the post office earlier this week. To keep in touch with this blog's focus on penny-pinching, let's talk about any steps I've been taking to try to save money in this process. crickets Hrm. I'm ...

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Some FAQ's I'm getting about the move
Why Canada? Because I can. Both of my parents are immigrants to the U.S., and one is from Ontario. Thanks to that parent's foresight with paperwork when I was born, and Bill C-37 in Ottawa, I hold Canadian citizenship. For the past few years, as the househo...

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Movin' out, and another transition
We've got some changes happening here at the homestead. The household teen has finished high school, and in another month or so he'll be starting university on the other side of the continent. To get his life in order, he's downsized himself out of my place...

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Flu season hitting big; what's my plan?
The flu is bad this year. It's "widespread" (as opposed to merely "regional" ) in Pennsylvania, and the vaccination I got a few months ago isn't precisely matched to the variant that's actually going around. I got the flu last year , even though I'd gotten ...

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The 2014 hoard
Every time I found a coin or a dollar bill (or even a sawbuck) on the sidewalk while I was walking around town in 2014, I brought the money home and tossed it into an old zinc-cap canning jar. Here's the hoard: Holy cow! It's $17.48! Here's to further good ...

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More on canning butternut squash: choosing from two different recommendations
Yesterday I made myself super happy by putting up 7 quarts of butternut squash . I followed the USDA's method , while cross-referencing with the instructions given in a the Bernardin Complete Book of Home Preserving . And I noticed a minor difference betwee...

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Happy butternut squash labor day!
I spent Labor Day working for the winter, putting up some butternut squash. I loved, loved, loved having jars of squash on the shelf in 2012-13 , so I'm very pleased to have pulled 7 quarts out of the pressure canner early this afternoon. They're cooling on...
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