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I finally started my surnames page. Still not sure how to format it. If you have suggestions or examples, please post links to your surnames pages in the comments below. Would love to check your pages out. TGIF!
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+Ginger Smith I started mine last night! I still need to add years to it. I like the way yours looks. I'll continue to tweak mine till I'm really happy with it! Meanwhile, the information will at least be out there for cousin bait!
Thanks +Caroline Pointer I like the locations. I added that to mine too in addition to years. +Leslie Lawson thanks, I hope you get yours tweaked the way you like it. Now I have more time I will be blogging more posts like Surname Saturdays and can link from the surname page to those posts. Thanks for commenting.
Looks good. What will you do if you have 2 separate Smith families? I need to figure out how to handle that.
Jenna, I will probably add the progenitor's name and his wife's name, dates, and locations.
what the what? I haven't come across any progenitors in my family...have I?
whoever I believe him to be or who "others" believe him to be I guess! other words, it's the oldest known ancestor
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