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Yehoshua Coren

Anyone have suggestions for tracking down the culprit(s) to a performance killing debug mode. I understand that debug mode executes all variables at all steps.... Is there any way to determine where one of the culprits might be? Related -> could large regex tables be to blame?

I know that daisy chaining variables is a problem, but that doesn't seem to be at issue in my case.....

+Brian Kuhn ?

Oh man. GTM linting requirement updates are blowing up containers all over the place.

Yes, I know that javascript should be up to snuff, and I'm glad that GTM lints. But for previously working stuff to now die for an unknown number of clients is really hard pill to swallow with no warning.

Youtube Video Titles are not being returned (getting empty strings). Just me, or is this a known bug?

Feature Request --> Ability to link to a tag / trigger / variable within the default workspace.

Purpose --> quick links within documentation.

Curious Question --> whose idea was it to add a visibility listener and who coded it?

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Hey there GTM Enthusiasts. My latest blog post is a Comprehensive Guide to setting up the Facebook Pixel using Google Tag Manager.

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I am teaching a +Google Analytics Live Course (online) that begins on Feb. 13.

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I have a client who is claiming that 15% of their ecommerce transactions are being not collected in GA due to Ad Blockers. What say you, folks? Ad blocking is an issue, sure. But to what extent are ad blockers blocking GA?

Currently in a back and forth with a client about adding GTM's javascript container tag to the <head> instead of opening body. Keeping my own opinion silent (for the moment).

Of course, I thought that this forum would be a good place to poll some of my expert friends. Especially +Brian Kuhn. :-)

What say you? Should GTM's javascript run from the <head> or <body>?

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For those who may be interested: On Nov 9th, we're organizing an Analytics conference in Madrid, ES.

It's a free-to-attend event that will be hosted at Google Campus Madrid. Some wellknown speakers are already confirmed:

+Simo Ahava
+Yehoshua Coren
+Ani Lopez
+Brian Clifton
+Dave Sottimano

and some more TBC.

Tickets will be released soon, so signup to the newsletter to be notified and don't miss the chance to get your ticket for the conference.

Follow us on :@untagged_io
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