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£10 Microchips at RBB Vets throughout June whilst stocks last: 01782 543 000

Remember, it will be compulsory for all dogs to be chipped as of April 2016, so take advantage of this HALF PRICE offer to protect your pet and drastically improve the chances of finding them should they ever go missing.

Having your bitch spayed is hugely beneficial to her health! It reduces the chance of breast cancer, eliminates an infected uterus (a very dangerous condition) AND ovarian and uterine cancer.

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Kennel cough vaccinations now just £19.50, but why does your dog need protecting?

It costs charities around £300 to get a litter of kittens ready to rehome. Money which could be saved by having the mother cat spayed!

PLEASE don’t buy pets from sales websites, find them from rescues or registered breeders instead. Some famous sites can have up to 50,000 pets on them at any one time which only fuels the over-supply of pets & the abandonment of unwanted animals.

Due to popular demand, our £10 off weight management food offer has been extended until the end of March. Keep those New Year's Resolutions going!

The ideal weight for a female boxer dog is 30kg. If she is just 5kg heavier, it is the equivalent of the average women being nearly 2 stone overweight!

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Are you killing your cat with kindness? Nearly 3 million cats in the UK are obese..

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RBB Vets are now offering £10 OFF all weight management food when you spend £20 or more. VIPs will receive their usual 10% discount.

We are also carrying out free Body Condition Scores to distinguish lean and muscly from wide and wobbly!

Book a FREE appointment today - 01782 319 847

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If ever there was a reason to microchip your pet..

These two lovely Lakeland Terriers were stolen from their kennel in the Lake District on the 11th of November and were handed in to our Longton practice after travelling over 100 miles to get here!

Luckily both pets were chipped and we were able to contact the owners, who were overjoyed with the news and came to collect them this morning.
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