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Rohn Jambo

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Keep your chin up! - In context -

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Listening comprehension

Put your listening skills to the test. Daily Dictation is Coach Shane's most important YouTube channel. Check it out!

Can you write down the sentence? GO!!

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Fun Challenge

George: ''You see those tears streaming down you don't know what to do(it) It was like she was on fire I was just trying to [...]

Can you HEAR what's missing? Hint It's a phrasal verb that means to extinguish a fire. Post your answers down below!

Do you want to learn more? Then join DDM - the listening class - with Coach Shane. You can do it for FREE.

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Hidden Phrase

Hint The process of becoming adult. It's used as a verb and as a noun. We're looking for the noun.

Jerry has some kind of awakening and discuss [hidden phrase] with George.

Can you understand EVERYTHING they say? Would you like to do so? Would you like to learn more? Then join DDM - the listening class - with Coach Shane.

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Hidden Phrase It's a phrasal verb

Hint To invent (To tell something that is not true)

Here's Kramer telling his buddies what it seems to be an unbelievable story!! Would you say Kramer is [hidden phrase] ?

Can you understand the dialog? Can you understand what they're saying?

Do you wanna learn more?

Then join DDM (listening class) and PIRF (speaking class) with Coach Shane!

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By looking at this picture, what phrases come to mind that would accurately describe the sentiment. I can think of a whole bunch of them. You?


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Bonus phrase

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Hidden phrase
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