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What to expect in form 6/ Pra-U?
They said Form 6 is hard. And dare I say the same. It is undeniably difficult but it is not unachievable. I mean, if you work hard, you will definitely get what you deserve. That's what I can conclude from the semester 1 of my form 6's life. During the orie...

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Silence, friends, lies.
Silence, friends and lies are very related to me.  A person being quiet can mean a lot of things. When you're in a group discussion among your friends, silence among one of your group members can be translated whether as bored, tired, angry, daydreaming or ...

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Must-Have Shoes! (SPORT VERSION)
Now, if you don't know this has been a trend right now, let me knock your head for a few times! I am sure you see people rocking the sportswear shoe with dresses yet still look put together. Not only it's neat and stylish but it's very comfy! Kiss your heel...

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The old days ft. wattpad
I was once addicted to wattpad , just for few months. Well, I am quite into reading the stories there and also I had published a story before. Although I deleted the story, but I found something new to do in wattpad. For your information, there is a Multime...
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