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Blue Ray fail on the xbox one. No more fallout 4 streams from it. Will have to re do my character on the PC. Should be interesting.

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 Is anyone else having this problem? I'm getting an error 1603 when I try to run the installer for Google Earth  , I am using W10

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Yaesu System Fusion
Yaesu Introduce SYSTEM FUSION This is the yaesu DR-1 Dual band repeater Yaesu have developed a digital system that is  The Best Solution for the Future With the YAESU DR-1 repeater, digital communication and conventional FM communication can join together i...

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I=============Antennas Antennas Antennas==============I
“When Marconi suggested the possibility of wireless transmission of sound (the radio),he was committed to a mental institution. But people like Lincoln, Edison, and Marconi were strongly motivated. So they didn't give up. They somehow knew that the only rea...

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AIRE VALLEY REPEATER GROUP  We Need Your Help (Cash!) Urgently
We are asking for donations urgently from regular users and supporters in the area to
ensure we can keep our local amateur VHF & UHF radio repeaters operational.
The cost of maintaining amateur ...

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The Yaesu Musen FRG-7 An Oldie But a goodie
 Yaesu Musen FRG-7 Communications R eceiver My FRG-7  in the shack of 2E0STZ ,connected to a decent antenna a G5RV  The Yaesu FRG-7 is an  all mode  receiver covering 200 kHz to 29.90 MHz in four bands .It is  capable of  AM, USB and LSB/CW. The display is ...

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DMR PD36X  When
you enter a competition for something that
you normally could not afford to purchase, in my
opinion you are always in with a chance of winning after all
there's the old adage that you've got to be in it to win it. Imagine
my surprise ...

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THE MOTOROLA DM 4600  I obtained this wonderful bit of kit  from  adam over at  . Over  the last 6 months I have owned this radio and used it on the new up and coming  DMR - MARC Repeater system I can't really say much more than its one of the ...

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RTL-SDR dongle's
Having fun with a dongle  There are few things in this world that you can do on a budget. However the DVB Digital dongle is available on   and on e-bay and most of them are capable of receiving from 24MHz to 1.4GHz . Now that PC 's and laptop...

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e-qsl cards Update
Just a few E-QSL cards  I have been a licensed radio ham since may 1998  and although I have been prevalent on the bands I haven't been to active on the HF bands. but her are all the e-qsl cards I have recieved, I plan to take pictures of those Paper one  I...
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