This is a fascinating article, primarily about the problem of where to store nuclear waste. It's not widely known, but there was a great danger of the storage pool at Fukushima, which is housed in a shed on most nuclear sites, bursting into flames and spreading 40 Chernobyls worth of radioactive material into the atmosphere. It was only through the tremendous sacrifice of many men, who soon shall die, that it was prevented. But the problem is there is no other place to put all of this waste fuel besides storage pools! This is not solely a Japanese problem; any reactor in the United States could do the same thing if it lost power and diesel for a week, allowing the waste pool to evaporate.

Quote of the day, from the article: "You don't build a house without a toilet," said Jitsuro Terashima, president of the Japan Research Institute think tank and member of an expert panel advising the national government on energy policy after the Fukushima disaster.

Our nuclear industry has built a trillion dollar house without a toilet. Excellent planning, guys!
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