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Kristin Lanae
On a mission to love and be loved.
On a mission to love and be loved.

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I'm not ok
The sobs are rising in the back of my throat I choke them down and blink away the hot, stinging tears No one can see No one must know If you ask me how I'm doing The answer is I'm fine I don't want you to know the truth The truth that my heart is breaking T...

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Happy birthday to my hero
Let me tell you about someone that I've known all my life and who is very important to me. This man is my hero and this is the man who worked really long hard hours to make sure that my family was taken care of. He is the man personally responsible for the ...

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Handprints On My Heart
I got asked recently why I was writing these letters and stories from Mexico and I just shrugged and answered "Because God told me to." Lame, I know. It's true, God did tell me to write them, but that was a cop-out answer because I didn't want to go into al...

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Flashback Friday
The reason you haven't seen anything posted for awhile is because I haven't had access to internet. But no worries because I've still bee...

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This is a story about Lili (Lee-Lee), one of the little girls I met in Mexico. She was so very tiny, and one of the youngest kids there, a...
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