Soooo... You know how we talked on +All About Android a few weeks back about what it really means to "brick" your device? And how people sometimes think they've bricked it when in actuality they probably just haven't found the right solution?

... I actually think I've successfully bricked my wife's Kindle Fire. nervous laughter.

To the point where it won't even power on. ick. (yes, battery is charged full)

In a strange way, I feel like this is a bizarre rite of passage.

In another completely different way, I just want it to work again. In the end, if the worst thing that happens is I have to buy her a new tablet, it's possibly the best time for this to happen. She never used her Kindle Fire to this point (ok rarely used it). And with the fabled Google Tablet coming out (hopefully) soon, I'd just get her that one instead.

Anyways. Here's how I did it:

Any insight welcome.
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