Here's a feature I desperately want in Android.

Sure, I can select my own favorite keyboard to use, like SwiftKey and Swype. But voice entry is tied to that choice.

The problem for me is: I LOVE SwiftKey 3. Love it more than even the improved keyboard in Jelly Bean (though the stock keyboard has really come a long way.) But I don't allow myself to use SwiftKey 3 currently. Cause then I'm locked into also using SwiftKey 3's speech-to-text system. And if you haven't noticed, Jelly Bean's speech-to-text is the bee's knees, IMO. SK3's is ok. But doesn't include things like JB's "type as you talk" function that I find incredibly handy. I use speech-to-text enough for this to actually keep me from switching over (right now).

Please give me the ability to choose a keyboard AND choose voice input. They shouldn't have to be intrinsically tied together.
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