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Jason Howell (raygun01)
Producing Live Video. Producing Music. Producing Tall.
Producing Live Video. Producing Music. Producing Tall.


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ShoCandy Rainbow

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It happened! The Yellowgold Kickstarter FUNDED, thanks to YOUR support and I can't thank you enough! Now comes the next phase of fulfilling the rewards.

In the meantime, I wrote this song this morning as a thanks to all who supported me in this. YOU RULE.
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Just a quick note to say THANK YOU to those of you who have backed my Yellowgold "Fever Dreamer" Kickstarter.

We passed the initial goal last night and I couldn't be happier. Theres a stretch goal in place to get professional MIXING added to the post-production process (which would be pretty fantastic)... but it's a big stretch with very little time left. No matter what, though, I'm so incredibly honored that so many of you have decided to get on the bus.


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So hey. I was interviewed by one of my favorite audio production companies, #Izotope !


We talk about how I've managed to write and produce 30 songs in 30 days using their product, the Spire Studio. Now if they can just get a version of the software that runs on Android, I'd be in absolute heaven.

Song a day playlist on Soundcloud:

Yellowgold "Fever Dreamer" Kickstarter (ENDS IN THREE DAYS!!!):
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New G+ community rules

Hey all. So I have officially hit the switch to make the following changes to the All About Android community here on Google+

- This community is meant to keep discussion on topics from the show. This means that general links to stories/videos that don't inspire discussion will not be posted to the public at large on this community.

- All new posts to the community must be approved. I'm afraid as to what this means for moderation. If you could only see the amount of posts that never made it to this community due to automatic Spam detection, let alone the posts that do... it's a lot to manage. I'm hoping it ends up being relatively easy in practice, but we shall see.

- New members must request to join. Part of me hates to do this. I like things to be as open as possible. But it's very obvious that many posters have no post history and hope to simply pass links to their spammy content around. No more.

One thing I don't have the time for is cleaning up content already posted here. We're talking years of spammy posts and each one takes 3-4 seconds to remove, with dozens upon dozens of daily posts... that's too big a hill to manage after the fact. I had hoped to go through and wipe things out to clean up the landing page here on the community but it's overwhelming. So it'll just have to be a "going forward" sort of change. Unless you have any ideas for wiping out content faster than that? It doesn't seem like G+ makes it super easy to do it quickly. Bummer.

Crossing fingers that this improves things around here. I'll be paying more attention here too. I miss you guys.

Question for you all

So OBVIOUSLY this Community has become overridden by spam. It's been that way for a long time. I don't have the time to Moderate it, at least not the way it is now. I'm half inclined to change the moderation settings on the Community to have to approve any post to appear here to control it before it gets as noisy as it has been for a long time now. But I worry about the amount of noise I will have to sort through in order to find the handful of posts by actual AAA fans here. But I REALLY want the community to be useful for you all...

One question I have: Posts with videos/articles/etc.... Basically this community is like 99% filled with these kinds of posts. Would you consider those to be spam? I guess what I'm wondering is there ARE some times when actual community members want to share a link or video... But that makes it hard to determine from a moderation standpoint, without spending all day analyzing everything here, what is spam and what is actual content. Should I simply assume that anything with a video or story link is spam and keep posts here 100% discussion based? It's a blunt force object but maybe that's better than what we have?

Open to ideas. I miss you.

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Hey! I launched the Kickstarter for my new album this morning, and yes I'm nervous, but we did it once before... let's do it again!

Yellowgold - Fever Dreamer

With your help we can crank this thing up to eleven. Hope to get you on board ahead of the official release! #yellowgoldmusic
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YO! I have news to share. And it'll happen tomorrow, Thursday November 16. Just putting the bug in your ear.

I will post here, to my twitter feed ( and if you'd like to get an email with the details, go right now to and drop your address in there. I'll make sure to share you get an email update so you don't miss it.

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Friendly reminder to check out last night's episode. Not only do +Ron Richards +Florence Ion +techandtea [Joshua Vergara] and myself pick apart the announcements from Google IO 2017...

...but we also had the chance to have an extensive 45 minute sit down with +Dave Burke +Stephanie Cuthbertson and Sameer Samat from the Android/Play teams.



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Place your vote for the most bestest app from episode 314!

LInk to vote: (hit submit when finished!)

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Wire Flow Wireframe Design

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