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Deborah Napoleon
Trying to get the hang of the plus.
Trying to get the hang of the plus.

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Just Jewelry - A Company that is Mission Focused
I have had several friends and family members affected by Breast Cancer and I am proud to work for a company that gives back as part of its "Mission Focused" drive. With October being Awareness Month, I can share what we at Just Jewelry are doing and how ea...

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Feedback, How Does One Get Feedback Anymore?
I enjoy blogging. I enjoy sharing information with the readers of my blog. I enjoy the aspects of research, finding the right photos, and actually writing the blog. I enjoy the topics that I write about (after all, I am an interior decorator, home stager an...

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Storage Boxes and More...A Revisit
As anyone who has read my blog knows, I am a big fan of storage boxes.  I love the idea of hiding all my messes in something  that is pretty and decorative. In several of the staging jobs I have done, decorative boxes have been the thing that made everyday ...

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Organizing your Closets - A Bedroom Closet that Works - 5 Tips
The final chapter for the closet organizing work is the Bedroom Closet. For other posts on closet organizing, please see here , here and here. I love clothes, and shoes and purses - I mean who doesn't love these things?  But we know that we do not have room...

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Article Roundup - Decluttering Books
I wanted to follow up on some of the bookcase discussions with a few articles on how to declutter your bookcases themselves.  How do we get weed down our books? As always there are the basic steps for any declutter project - Get boxes and label them - Donat...

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An Interesting Twist for the Magnolia Fans
I recently read an article about how several of the homeowners of homes renovated by Chip and Joanna Gaines have now become vacation rentals.... Apparently the Gaines' are none too thrilled, since they designed these homes for the family featured on their H...

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Organizing your Closets - Moving to the Pantry - 4 Easy Steps
As we walk through the closets in your home, one of the favorites for all homeowners is a pantry closet.  A pantry closet can be large or small depending on the room you have, but it certainly needs to be functional for the chef's in the home. Here is a coo...

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So EXCITED to Join the Just Jewelry & JJ's Boutique Family
Hi,  I am so excited to share with you my new company.....JUST JEWELRY and JJ'S BOUTIQUE! Here are a few sneak peeks and I would love to share more with, jeggings, dresses, purses and more - all $40 and under!! Want to see more?  Leave me a c...

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Goodbye Cookie Lee/ViVi; Hello New Adventures
About 10 days ago all of the Cookie Lee/ViVi Jewelry consultants in the United States got an email that said.....and yes I am paraphrasing... "Well when I bought the company I really though we could turn it around and even with all of our efforts we realize...

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Back from Vacation...and Back to Work
Away for two weeks and I feel as if I haven't been here in months. My husband and I recently took a trip up to Connecticut and this was truly a vacation for him!  We found out that the Barrett-Jackson Car Auction would be in the Northeast for the first time...
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