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So after a bit of patience and help... Ive finally set up my own website and I am so excited to get it fully set up and sorted... I'm nearly there but it's a slow process. I want every little detail to stand out. Thank you so much for supporting my blog and...

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Breakfast Time For The Butterflies
While the sun has been out, our buddleja bush has been attracting a lot of butterflies and it's been a lot of fun for my photography and my macro lens . I wanted to concentrate on them feeding because i find their tongues so fascinating. I got some shots of...

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A Day With Edd And Zara
While I was at my boyfriends house, I decided while I had my camera I was going to get some wide angled shots of his lucky black cat, Edd . As he is still a kitten, he was very playful and was very fond of Penny the puffin . I managed to get pictures of him...

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Yes.. More Macro Photography
My bird is so photogenic... He loves his picture being taken so I took this as a perfect opportunity to test some macro shots on him. I think I got about 15 minutes worth before he started to get bored. But I managed to get a few different shots in this tim...

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Texture With Macro
With this beautiful weather we have been having, I decided to go on a walk and capture some texture images with my macro lens around the village and near the pond. The sun was setting and the light was lowering but this made my images a lot softer and some ...

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The Versatile Blogger Award
So I have been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by the lovely Charlotte Louise (check out her blog here - ) and I thank her so much for the nomination for this award as I am thrilled to have some recognition for m...

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MORE Macro Photography!
Hello bloggers! I know it has been a while since I have last posted but I've been focusing on other things these past few weeks and been side tracked... But I'm back and with more macro photography! This new lens that I have bought is absolutely amazing and...

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Macro Photography
So with it being nice weather today, I decided to go on a little walk to test out my new macro lens that I bought. It's something that I've been wanting for months now and I've finally got round to buying one and it is absolutely brilliant . The lens is a 6...

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Olympus OM 10 Film Photography
It's been a very stressful few months but I have finally finished college and my exams and now I'm looking to the future. I now have a lot more time to focus on my photography and really get experimental and visit different places to expand on my photograph...

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This week i thought i would share you some experiments i have done with the title 'Concealment' . I was using Photoshop and was experimenting with a range of different brushes that would cover up the eyes and the mouth of the model.  I used black and white ...
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