Private Blog Networks Getting Deindexed?

The word on the “digital streets” in February was that blog networks were getting heavily deindexed by Google. There have been a lot of these private blog networks popping up on the market and a lot of people got stung on the 7-9th and 18-21st of February. Within the last year, webmasters and SEO’s have been debating whether or not external links could hurt your rankings. Now, we can confirm it’s a sure thing as a lot of them are now getting notices in their WMT. For the most part, these warnings and penalties came for blatant and excessive link exchanges. There have always been, and will be private blog networks out there for SEO use, but the amount of paid “private” ones have flooded the market.

Has Google finally gotten around to stamping out these obvious low-quality paid link networks? I'm crossing my fingers, throwing salt over my shoulder and saying the name +Matt Cutts three times (you know, like in Beetlejuice) in hopes that this is true.

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