Why SEO Experiments Are Almost Always Invalid http://bit.ly/q2c3nY

"In an environment where anyone can make an unscientific assertion, back it up with invalid tests, and toss in absurd disclaimers that everyone winks at, you cannot expect to find much high quality information.

And, frankly, there ISN’T much high quality information coming from our community."

I largely agree but I still find the tests valuable because I don't take them at face value. Instead I'm looking for patterns and applying my own critical analysis based on day-to-day findings. As a community, we could all run tests and gather a far more comprehensive picture about the changing nature of search.

So I like having these out there. I'd like more of them. But it doesn't mean I trust many, if any of them in isolation. And I'll always want to put them to the test myself if at all possible.
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