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Matching mortar

Mortar is a mixture of hydrated lime, sand, and cement, and is used to bond building blocks, such as stone and brick. When it comes to repairing cracked and worn mortar (also known as pointing, repointing, or tuckpointing), it is important that you go with a trusted and experienced mason. Matching new mortar with pre-existing mortar can be difficult. This is because mortar tends to change in color due to aging, sun exposure, air pollution, and dirt and pollen. Matching mortar involves testing mortar composition to ensure the new mortar blends seamlessly with the original mortar. This is a highly specialized skill and is best left in the hands of a true professional. Mismatched mortar on an exterior surface can easily become an unattractive focal point and can throw off the entire look of a brick home or building.

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While it may be true that no one will notice a good mortar repair job, a poor repair job is sure to draw unwanted attention. With Brick Experts DFW, you can rest easy knowing that the mortar color and texture will be matched to the highest industry standards. Whether for a residential home or commercial building, we can analyze your mortar to make a compatible match and keep that bond strong for years to come.

If you are in or around the area and in need of mortar joint repair and color matching services, give us a call or send us an email.

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Whether your requirements include a basic upgrade for a business location or an entirely new concept in any area of your home, Brick Experts DFW provides exceptional masonry services from countertops to cabinetry, facades and foundations, which can be adapted and customized to any construction requirement.

Call (817) 901-0236 for to schedule a free estimate and discuss your ideas.

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Are you in need of mortar joint repairs?

Here at Brick Experts DFW, we have provided Southlake and the surrounding area with quality mortar matching services for many years. We use the highest quality tools and the best techniques to make sure your new mortar matches up perfectly. When you team up with us, not even the keenest eye will be able to notice the difference.

Are you in need of masonry repairs?

When it comes to masonry repairs, it is critical that you team up with a trusted and reliable masonry company. Working with a reputable masonry company will ensure that all repairs are completed to the highest standards, on time, and within budget. At Brick Experts DFW, we bring over 25 years of experience to every masonry project we take on. When you choose us, we’ll be by your side every step of the way. Our job isn’t done until you are completely satisfied with our work.
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