It's always For the past few years, it's been strange to me that people consider sex to be a strange thing to bring up in roleplaying games.

+Elin Dalstål does a nice job with giving people who might be nervous an entree into doing it safely.

Does sex play a role in your games? How much, what kind?

At almost all the tables I've gamed at since 2005, including con tables, sex was a natural and obvious part of the characters lives. Characters have sex with one another when it feels right for something interesting, or when it feels true.

For example, the first time we played something like what would eventually become +Joshua A.C. Newman's excellent game Shock: Human Contact, we were talking about what would happen when two human groups interacted, and we were all unanimously agreed that there'd've been fucking already, so my first character was pregnant with the first hybrid baby ever. It just seemed obvious for the setup and for drama creation, so that's where we went with it.
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