This post is about why and how people buy followers, likes and views. We would like to share our experience after a year of work.

Here are the reasons to buy Instagram activity:
1. To have a lot of subscribers and to be popular on Instagram.
2. To get to the top by hashtags and attract real followers. To learn more, read: https://likeattack.com/blog/156391569323
3. To motivate people to use brand’s hashtag. So some users are buying likes on every photo on their brand hashtag.
4. To celebrate a big event of life. people may buy a ton of likes for a post about happy birthday or wedding anniversary
5. To win a quiz game. In this case it’s important to understand the limits. You should buy likes, but also followers, and there must be a lot more of them.
6. To harm a competitor. Sometimes users buy likes for the competitor’s post and then the competitors can be blamed for cheating by the subscribers. Yes, it happens too.

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