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Most of know to change case before we type a text. But how to change case of a typed text from small-caps, ALL-CAPS, Initial-Caps? It's easy.. * Double tap to select text. Use arrows to expand selection as needed. * Use the ⬆ arrow on the keyboard to cycle ...

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Arduino Project #2: Phone Dialer
This project is to make a phone dialing adaptor using Arduino to simply dialing the intercom extensions. The apartment complex that I am staying has about 300+ flats and the intercoms are being setup.  We have 4 blocks, each block has max of 11 floors and e...

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Focus Stacked Bug
Today morning, my son found a dead bug around our home.  Suddenly I realized the opportunity for a stacked photo and swung into action.  I wanted to do it for a while and this was good chance before the colors go away.  below are couple of selected ones. I ...

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First Focus Stack using automated Rail
I tried to do the real stack using the automated setup. Below is the picture of the final image. Because of the shallow depth of field, I had to do a stack of 64 images to cover the scene. This is next to impossible to do manually. To put things in perspect...

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Focus stack automation - Rail Integration
As posted last time, I had received the rail. I have it integrated now. Also, i have implemented the camera triggering aspect. I am using opto-isolator for that. I got it all put together. Now I can use it for taking photos as expected. Here are some pictur...

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My first Focus Stacked Macro Image
While I am trying to make the automation to do the focus stacking, it is also important to try out the stacking manually.  Today I did my first ever macro focus stacked image of a flower. Setup: three extension tubes (36mm + 20mm + 12mm = 68mm) and reversed...

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Focus Stacking Automation, First proto if ready
Hi there, I have an update on the project. I was able to, at last, make everything into a prototype mode. It is working and getting into some shape.  I have never done soldering before and making the PCB out of the proto boards was real challenge for me. I ...

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Aurdino for macro stacking - testing the water
I had ordered some of the necessary elements and have started to do some of the basic stuff with each. I am yet to get the rail itself and it may take some more time. But for the testing I have just connected two wheels to the Stepper Motor. What I have now...

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Starting with Arduino.. Its exciting prospect.
Recently I came across a post about developing a automated focus stacking . It uses and Arduino based controller at the heart of it.  You can then program the Arduino appropriately. I have had no experience with Arduino. But I have decided to do one myself....

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Collated this data for my own understanding. Sharing it as others may find it useful. Although care is taken for accuracy, cannot guarantee it and please check yourself before deciding.
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