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I don’t know Joe Vitale. He lives in Texas (I think!) and I am in Washington state. But we do share friends, Bill and Maria Philipps. I attended a Transformation Camp a few years back and on our Transformation Facebook page I saw Joe Vitale. Why did I recognize that name? I immediately googled him, and found some music cd’s he made. No biggie for me. Didn’t mean much.
One day I received an email that said “Make money easily, find your dreams” or something like that. It was Natalie Ledwell promoting Mind Movies. I signed up right away because I had read a book in the past called What to Say When You Talk to Yourself by Shad Helmstetter and I did believe in positive thinking.
So, watching Natalie’s emails, one day she had a video of her interview with…Joe Vitale. I was mesmerized. How did these two fit together? I joined one of Joe’s email lists just to see what he was all about.
In the meantime;
I love to listen to audiobooks while I am doing admin work. On my account, I saw a book called Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz. The manual to explain positive thinking and why it works.
That book made me hungry, hungry for more information that would change my life. Searching through the audiobooks, I found a book by Joe Vitale. Why did his name keep popping up in my life? So I purchased Instant Manifestation I listened to it 3 times (so far) and listen to sublimlinals and try to keep a positive attitude. I also listen to hypnosis at night.
Now I needed a Joe fix. I searched the library of audiobooks and next was Expect Miracles. I am working on expecting miracles every day. It is a process, but let me continue with my story. Attract Money Now was next. I started working on setting my intention, and making sure it was clear, and then forgetting it. Forget it? That is hard, but I am getting better. I have started writing myself letters, thanking myself for what I want to manifest, and losing those letters. In Attract Money Now I learned a bit more about H’oponopono, and became very interested in that practice, so I wanted to read Zero Limits but it is not available on my site. The book that is available is At Zero. My eyes were opened in that book. I have listened to it 3 times so far, and I used Lorna’s prayer for one thing. Here is my story.
I worked two jobs for three years to make ends meet. One was an at-home job, but between the two jobs I was working 70 hours a week, 7 days a week. I was missing out on our children’s growing families (ie; grandchildren). Last November I manifested (although I didn’t realize it) being laid off just in time for the Thanksgiving Holiday when 16 people were going to be in my home while I tried to work.
I was ecstatic for about a month, then the bills started piling up. So, since December I have been looking for one full time job that would pay enough. I put out resumes everywhere, and on every job site you can imagine. In 7 months I had 3 interviews. Not a great outlook. I was worried. But Joe says “don’t worry, play the what-if-up game”. I started talking like a crazy woman. What if I get a great job? What if they want to pay the wage I want? What if I am the perfect candidate for that job? What if my unemployed son gets out of our recliner and into a place of his own? My husband and daughters looked at me funny. They understood what I was doing, but thought I was crazy just the same.
After listening to At Zero on 6/31 a Thursday, I wrote another letter to myself stating “I will know the job I am hired for by 7/8 and they will pay me what I want ($15 hourly)”. I threw the completed letter in the garbage. On Friday (7/1) I was called in for an interview at a job that looked like a lot of fun. The HR person who interviewed me said the owners would like to interview me as well, but they would be out of town for the next 2 weeks. Then on Tuesday, 7/5 she called me back and said that they wanted to meet with me today before they left town! On Friday 7/8 I was offered the job, for $13 an hour, with promises of more if I “shined”. Boy am I a shiner! My letter worked! I was so happy! Now what should I manifest next? My husband and I go to his sister’s home (in the middle of nowhere Idaho) to relax about 10 days every summer. He had scheduled it for 8/5-8/13, and said how sad he was that my new job would stop me from being able to come this year. So, since I had not been given a starting date yet, I wrote out Lorna’s prayer. Father, please locate the origin of my feelings about starting work on August 15th… and so on. I wrote this on 7/17.
I read it 4 times, then tossed it. I had to take a drug test on 7/21 and when I was called back on 7/26 to tell me I passed, HR said that the owners would be out of town, and would like me to start on…wait for it…8/15.
I have since listened to At Zero twice, and am now onto The Attractor Factor, just looking for the snippets of advice to follow because this really works!
My next order of business is to use Lorna’s prayer to get the $15 that I really want (or more), then on to better things. My weight! Our son! I have never been so excited!
I wrote this to share with everyone, of course, but also because I want Joe Vitale to know how God brought us together, and how he is helping me change my life!
I was inspired to write this while listening to The Attractor Factor, so I stopped the recording to write this letter. Joe, if you are reading this, you will understand that The Divine is giving me inspriration right now! Wow, you are a part of The Divine working in me. See? We are connected.
Thank you for reading.

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Let me run a virtual office for you. Step away from the phone and on to making money!
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I am now Bold and Brave
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Hi, it's your brain.
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There's a 'villain' inside me that sabotages me; 
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Your Brain
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that being said, why don't we all find a charity that is helping the victims of one of these fire and give a little?
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It takes diet and exercise to efficiently lose weight.
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We can all use a little more self confidence!
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