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Is Bill Maher so stoned he no longer prepares for his once a week show? Or is he so fixated on his Islam-itself-is-the-problem crusade that he is swallowing Sheldon Adelson's swill? 

The New Yorker points out some facts Maher would've had at his fingertips - had he been preparing.  Maher had bupkis.

He used to be fairly intelligent. 
The official website for Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO, featuring videos, images, schedule information and episode guides.
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hmm, I don't know... I ran across this guy a couple of weeks ago, and I don't think he's quite up to par. He'll have some big shoes to fill (ironically). 
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This is not new information - just another reminder that a conversation that appears to be about legal issues is really about other things. 
What is likely to bedevil Republicans on this issue is not the amount of toughness they bring to the arena -- Democrats have often gone along with many of the harsh measures -- but the mismatch between what the right-wing base demands and what the pu...
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Tradition rulz ok! Organic shmorganic.
News You Can Use: Drinking too much cheap wine--not sulfite allergy--cause of headaches
Since the government insisted that wine labels include a “Contains Sulfites” warning, folks have been blaming the compound for their wine headaches. Very likely, finds Lettie Teague, the cause is something else
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Message posted by the mayor of Ferguson.
Positive Reminder:
Peace is in positive thinking, release the e.g.o. and be a positive thinker!
Peace is simple. Truth is simple. Kindness is simple.
Believe that positive thinking is easy and it is.
Believe that positive thinking is difficult and it is. Our belief defines the results.

Do not obscure the simplicity of positive thinking with the complexities of negative thinking - In my humble opinion, negative thinking is rooted in the e.g.o. (Exiting God/Good Out). Be a host to positive thinking, not a prisoner to negative thinking. Remember negative thinking judges. Have you judged someone to later learn that your judgment was incorrect?

Most importantly be gently with yourself as you elevate yourself to being a remarkable positive thinker.
"Empowering YOU to Empower You!"

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First poppies of the summer. Beast smelling the flowers. 
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Too bad we didn't get any rain, but the clouds did give a nice effect for a few minutes.
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There was one lightning bolt, with a loud thunderclap. I wonder if anyone got a picture with both the rainbow and the lightning.
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Brendan, when I saw the sidebar on the right side of Der Spiegel's English language edition - seriously, did I have any choice except to send it to you?

SPIEGEL's Top NSA Reports

Prying Eyes: Inside the NSA's War on Internet Security
Obama's Lists: A Dubious History of Targeted Killings in Afghanistan
Spying Together: Germany's Deep Cooperation with the NSA
The NSA in Germany: Snowden's Documents Available for Download
New NSA Revelations: Inside Snowden's Germany File
'A' for Angela: GCHQ and NSA Targeted Private German Companies and Merkel
NSA's Secret Toolbox: Unit Offers Spy Gadgets for Every Need
Inside TAO: Documents Reveal Top NSA Hacking Unit
Friendly Fire: How GCHQ Monitors Germany, Israel and the EU
Embassy Espionage: The NSA's Secret Spy Hub in Berlin
iSpy: How the NSA Accesses Smartphone Data
Codename 'Apalachee': How America Spies on Europe and the UN
Cover Story: How the NSA Targets Germany and Europe
Information for Whistleblowers

Guidelines for Informants
How to Build a Secure Container
How to Encrypt Your Email
Daily news, analysis and opinion from Europe's leading newsmagazine and Germany's top news Web site.
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To make sure this is visible even if you don't sign up for gmail/g+, I make it publicly visible. I couldn't figure out [1] how to merge it into a single video or [2] how to upload it to Picasa/Youtube for you to download or [3] how to send it to you. Maybe Dropbox.
David Wright originally shared:
Auld acquaintances meet & relive happy youth. #jeanpedigo #jeffpedigo.
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Is the justification of poetry's ways to tech the opposite of theodicy?
"We're all going to die — and poems can help us live with that." In a charming and funny talk, literary critic Stephen Burt takes us on a lyrical journey with some of his favorite poets, all the way down to a line break and back up to the human urge to imagine.
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When even a conservative magazine like the Economist is telling us "come on, this is big and it can be really good!" it's time for the country to move forward on immigration reform and bringing Latinos into the decision making process. 
The rise of Latinos is a huge opportunity. The United States must not squander it. To read this article for free, visit our hub page via:
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Clearly the Anglosphere has some common trends, and I have hipster clients from Central and South America as well as Europe. How long till we articles about hipsters in Africa (not counting South Africa, which already has it's own Burning Man).
It’s easy to mock the beards, tattoos and fixed-wheel bicycles of east London, but its ‘flat white economy’ is here to stay. Ed Cumming on the revolution that’s changing Britain
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Alex Boye's (semi-Africanized) old school funk. 
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I am a lawyer in San Francisco. I've been a sole practitioner handling immigration cases of all kinds since 1993. I have a small office with a great legal assistant, and I love my job. I have super smart clients from all over the world building the tech world (H1Bs, Ls, Es, PERM, etc.). I have asylum seekers who've escaped from hideous abuse. I have couples and families who want to be together. 
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It’s easy to mock the beards, tattoos and fixed-wheel bicycles of east London, but its ‘flat white economy’ is here to stay. Ed Cumming on t

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I believe this is always the best way to find a good professional of any sort is to ask another professional in the right field for the professionals they would go to or send someone to. I was referred to Atty. Rivera by a fellow immigration lawyer I respect.It is early in the case, but his professionalism to date, and the professionalism of his assistant Maria Coronado, give me faith that he will take care of my client well. I'll report later how it goes.
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We had great experiences over several years boarding our dogs there. The place is beautiful: rollling hills with acres of space, a big pond, etc. The dogs play in big, happy groups & always seem sad to leave the place. Roland even managed to train our feisty (read: pig-headed, embarrassingly spoiled) lakeland terrier to obey almost like a normal dog -- which I predicted would be impossible -- so I can attest to their skill and persistencem in the face of daunting odds. (BTW, in contrast, when we had to leave our new dog (golden retriever-poodle mix - totally chill) in an overnight place near our house, he came home with a new, aggressive attitidue toward strange dogs - not a positive development. We're sticking with Patrick Canine in the future).
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Dosa without the attitude, very clean and fresh-made.
Food: Very GoodDecor: Very GoodService: Very Good
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5 reviews
I have 3 immediate family members there, so it's a place with a lot of intense memories. My only complaint is that for cremations, they only allow 1 family member to attend. It felt weird to have this major event treated like an administrative detail was weird. I hope they change this. As for Thomas Fredlik's joke, Gunn does have plenty of future MDs, so I'm sure exploration was been discussed. However, as one of the jr. high and high school students who hung out there sometimes late at night, it was comforting to have ancestors watching over my early experiments in ... never mind. FYI, all the students treated the place with surprising respect.
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I knew they were good, cheap, and very conscientious all the 3 or 4 years I lived in the lower Haight and took my clothes to them. Now that I've moved to SOMA, I realize they are WAY better than anyone I've gone to since. They're open insanely long hours - I would drop off at 7:30 AM to get to work by 8 AM, and they were always there, plus Saturdays and most holidays. They got out stains other cleaners couldn't get out. Burning Man mud, wine stains, dog stains, etc., on silk, leather, etc., - no problem. They'd find my clothes every time without complaining though I'd lost my ticket again and again. If a button got knocked of, they're replace it (even on shirts with cheap, crappy buttons). We had to clean a huge pile of stuff (don't ask why), so they gave us a huge discount. I had an old briefcase of my dad's, mildewed from being out in the garage for years. They said they'd see what they could do, I said I knew it might be impossible, but I'd pay anyway. They cleaned it 5 times, getting almost all the smell out, then wouldn't take my money since they hadn't gotten it out 100%. In SOMA I can't find anyone a 1/10 as good.
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