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For at least 10 years, the right has been looking greedily at the Social Security Disability Insurance program as a source of money to give to the rich. It looks like they're ready to start the attack with Trump's budget.

We need to defend this part of the safety net we created to protect all of us in case of accident.
Don't believe the lies of the people who brought you the 2008 economic recession and Trumpcare. 

For my conservative friends, including attorney @Vincent Tran and therapist +Blaine Carman, I thought I'd post some information about the alternative reality sources you enjoy, drawing on some of the conservative (real) news sources that I enjoy. Here's one from the #WaPo's conservative column, #RightTurn, by @JenniferRubin 

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In the US media, I have never once heard or read that Hamas has ever cooperated with Israel t prevent shootings across the border or incursions into Israel. However, Israeli media is willing to say this.

"Hamas’ “border patrol” takes pains to prevent infiltrators from crossing into Israel. It arrests most of them and in one recent case even opened fire on a Palestinian who tried to enter Israel. Senior Israeli officers say Hamas is also striving to prevent rocket fire.
The Hamas outposts also help the army retaliate immediately if a rocket or gun is nevertheless fired at Israel. That is, the outposts become targets that Israel attacks on the grounds that Hamas is responsible for everything that happens in the territory it controls.
Evidently, Hamas also understands the rules of the game. Otherwise it’s hard to explain why almost nobody has been hurt in these Israeli punitive strikes."

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+Hugh Linton and I have talked about mirror neurons and other evidence of the biological basis of social connectedness. I bet there's a lot more to find in this area. 
Newly Discovered Brain Network Offers Clues to Social Cognition

Scientists call our ability to understand another person's thoughts--to intuit their desires, read their intentions, and predict their behavior--theory of mind. It's an essential human trait, one that is crucial to effective social interaction. But where did it come from?

The research is in Science (full access paywall)

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Some people want a wall because apparently thousands of deaths are not enough. #NoWallNoBan

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Americans afraid of immigration because they're afraid of crime should read this. It's a reminder that our best allies are in Mexico and Central America, putting their lives at risk daily to fight against the people who are making many places into hellholes and ruining thousands of lives. These are our allies. Our country needs to help protect them.

CBP employees on the border are not the ones protecting us. Many of them are just racist mall cops with #impunity. Hiring thousands more will just lead to more killing, NOT to more safety. #DefendJournalists

@LizRobbins, apparently #GovtStenographer at NYTimes, has regurgitated DHS propaganda without bothering to check with an immigration lawyer.
"When word came to City Hall on Thursday, it appeared to confirm the administration’s worst fears: federal immigration agents had been to an elementary school in Queens to inquire about a fourth-grade student.
That ignited a firestorm, as immigrant and education advocates, union officials and members of city government concluded that the agents were there about a deportation issue.
But ICE wasn’t even there."

Oh, those silly liberal snowflakes, getting all in a tizzy about someone who was not from ICE coming to interrogate a 4th grader without parents present.

Liz Robbins apparently has no idea what an officer from "Fraud Detection & National Security" does. Their job is to find evidence to deport people - not to confirm that the cases do NOT contain fraud - they don't care about that. They are there to find fraud. They are NOT neutral decisionmakers. No adult should talk to an FDNS officer without a lawyer present, and certainly no child should be permitted to fall into their clutches.

It's outrageous for FDNS to send an officer to try to extract information from a child behind the parents' back. It is characteristic of an agency that has no more respect for the law than our current president.

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Yay for lawyer @KevinShenkman helping to strength democracy in California! Can this model be used in other states? @Law Professors - we need to to take this up? @LawStudents on #LawReview - we need you to write up how it can work in each state. #DistrictElections #FairRepresentation
With an extreme right majority on the US Supreme Court, affirmative action is not long for this world, so those of us who want fairness for all need to follow the inspiration of people like Shenkman! 

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538 has a nice, detailed analysis of the kernel of truth behind the mountain of lies claiming non-USCs voted in the 2016 presidential election. 

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To my conservative friends, most of whom (the US citizens, of course) voted for Donald Trump, should be posting this article and apologizing profusely for their hypocrisy in ranting against Clinton now that Donny has not simply put some arguably classified information at risk, but q#%%!%!% HANDED IT OVER TO THE RUSSIANS just for the purpose of making himself feel like a big man. 
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