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Rebecca Halley
Dances With PIt Bulls aka Crazy Rebecca
Dances With PIt Bulls aka Crazy Rebecca

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2017 100 Thing Challenge
I have done it again. I have accumulated enough craft supplies for two lifetimes. Time to make some seriously cool stuff from my stash. In the past I only hoarded yarn, fabrics and beads. Now I hoard mixed media art supplies too. I want to make 100 things f...

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ATC's For Teesha Moore Long May She Live
My Teesha! I am hoping you a very speedy and complete recovery. I made these ATCs using your images. I love you. Part 1 is me cutting the base cards.  Part 2 shows me completing the ATCs.

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Tragic Camera Fail or How I made a Loud Noise in the Middle of my Video
You've been warned.

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Censored by Youtube (kinda) Crafting for Friends ~ Nisha ~
So Youtube has declared that this little video cannot be monetized. The only reason I can find is "partial nudity" due to the fact there is a bikini babe standing by a camel. There can be no other explanation. It's that girl there in the thumbnail before yo...

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Hanging Garden Ornaments
A couple of videos showing how I recycle/upcycle tin foil. Waste not, want not.

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Crafting For Friends the Margaret Episode- Journal Catch Up
Catching up on some art journals after a phone call from Colorado Springs.  The next video could be yours.

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Harvesting Vintage Images
Cutting up an old music book. Showing stuff too.

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Can't Sleep? So let's make a Video!!!
I'm not one to waste time when I can't sleep. Yes, I know I am weird thanks for noticing.

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For Judy, The giver of OWLS
Made this video for my sister, Judy. She gives me owls and more owls. Enough already lol. Tune in for more crafting for friends (and family) videos!

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Art Journal Spread in Leslie's Moley
It'd a Moleskine art journal, moley for short. It's been across the Pond and back and a few other places as well. I made my mark in it thusly: For my BFF Leslie although she still lives in beautiful CO and I am in the flatlands.
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