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We not only have to worry about #EHR  hackers but now the #healthcare  providers as well. They are manipulating and falsifying information to avoid audits and #liability . #PittsburghMedicalMalpracticeAttorney
We spotlighted #EHR  hackers and how patient's information is being stolen but now there is an even bigger problem. #Healthcare  providers themselves are manipulating the data to escape #liability  and audits.
Problems across a wide spectrum continue to surface regarding implementation of electronic health record (EHR) systems in medical facilities across the country. We have dutifully chronicled some of those woes...
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If you think that you may be a victim of #medicalmalpractice  seek the advice of an attorney at +Biancheria & Maliver P.C. immediately. #Medicalerrors  occur daily and no one should ever have to suffer because of someone's mistake. #PittsburghMedicalNegligenceAttorney
If you or a loved one believes you have been a victim of #medicalnegligence  call the lawyers at +Biancheria & Maliver P.C. immediately. No one should suffer due to someone's negligence and should receive the full benefits they deserve.
An attorney commentator in a recent Forbes article makes the obvious point that a predominant rationale for any plaintiffs’ malpractice attorney to file a negligence lawsuit against a doctor or...
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Patients' digital  #medicalrecords  are now the target of computer #hackers . They know how important this information is and will sell it for thousands of dollars. #PennsylvaniaMedicalMalpracticeAttorney
#Hackers  will try to steal patient's digital #medicalrecords  and try to sell them for thousands of dollars. They want these records because they know how high of an importance they are.
"Criminal elements will go where the money is." That has of course always been the case, making the above-cited utterance seem less than prescient or remarkable. Except for this reason:...
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30% of American #medicalschools  are starting to work on team-based patient care to lower the number of preventable deaths. As many as 440,000 patients die each year from a medical mistake that could have been prevented. #PennsylvaniaMedicalMalpracticeAttorney
Some medical schools are going to start focusing on team-based patient care to try and prevent #medicalmistakes  from occurring by having different sets of eyes on the patients. As many as 440,000 people could be dying each year from preventable medical mistakes.
It’s not like the medical industry in Pennsylvania and nationally is oblivious to some of its more inherent and intractable problems. Take medical error, for instance. About a decade and...
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Part 2 of our doctor turned patient post shows that the patient's complaints were not even acknowledged. He was complaining of knee and back pain which wasn't looked at until they said he could leave the #emergencyroom  and he nearly crumbled to the floor.
Today’s post follows up on our immediately preceding entry introducing the rather singular story of an emergency room doctor experiencing an ER environment from the inside, as a patient. As...
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About one-third of #medicalstudents  admit they actually received training focused on how-to disclose a mistake. More than 90% of students say they would like to participate in formal training pertaining to errors and mistakes.
Relevant studies and reports would seem to strongly indicate that many medical schools in the United States are failing to offer one very important class, which by all indications should...
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Attorney Deborah Maliver of +Biancheria & Maliver P.C. answers the question, "Can I sue for a delayed diagnosis of cancer in Pennsylvania?"
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#MedicalRecords  attract thieves because many patient's information is stored in one place and can be used to forge new identities. Half of all of the breaches that occur are in the #medicalindustry .
Our immediately preceding blog post cited the growing concerns of many security gurus and medical industry participants with the alleged inadequacy of security systems put into place to safeguard confidential...
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The lawyers at +Biancheria & Maliver P.C. can answer any questions you might have about #medicalmalpractice . If you or someone you know thinks you could be a victim of medical negligence, call us today. #PennsylvaniaMedicalMalpracticeLawyer
If you or a loved one believes you may be a victim of #medicalmalpractice  contact the attorneys at +Biancheria & Maliver P.C. today.
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Deborah Maliver

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The government has been trying to find ways to curb facility mistakes and save them time and money. An solution that has been emphasized for years now is that hospitals that are proving to be an under performer that requires improvements will get less financial help from #Medicare .
Based on the aggressive retaliatory response it has taken over the past several years, here’s one thing that is rendering the federal government increasingly weary: paying Medicare dollars to underperforming...
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An #anesthesiologist  at a hospital in #Seattle  once sent a #selfie  to a patient exposing his genitals. He also has been known for exchanging 250 sexually explicit texts during serious procedures like #appendectomies . The #DepartmentofHealth  recently suspended his license to practice medicine.
Patients undergoing surgery in Pennsylvania hospitals and in operating rooms elsewhere across the country obviously want all doctors on board to be acutely focused on the matter at hand. To...
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A #physician  becomes the #patient  in an #emergencyroom  in D.C. and what the doctor seems isn't very surprising. He explained his experience as impersonal and actually frightening and marked by a delay in diagnosis that compromised his care. #PennsylvaniaMedicalMalpracticeLawyer
A doctor got a new look at things when he became the patient in an #emergencyroom . While on a business trip in D.C. he was struck by a car while walking and had to receive emergency care. He described his experience as frightening and impersonal and marked by a delay in diagnosis.
Some readers in Pennsylvania and elsewhere perusing a recent article written by a long-time emergency room doctor on ER care might be reminded of a line from an old pop...
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I am a plaintiff's medical malpractice attorney and advocate for better health care and patients' rights.
As a board-certified internist and trial attorney I am able to assess and prosecute cases with proficency and skill
  • Biancheria & Maliver
    Medical Malpractice Lawyer
    Medical Malpractice trial lawyer. I do my cases from intake to verdict or settlement as the case may be.
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Medical Malpractice Attorney and Board Certified Physician
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I believe that through the work I do that injured people are compensated and medical care may change for the better sometimes.
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