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"The switch".
Half May is a time of big changes. In one week the
garden has changed completely. Every year, I am surprised again about the
metamorphosis of the garden! "The switch" I call this period. "The switch" from tulips to roses. The tulips are all gone now. Instea...

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May. Tree peonies.
May, what a wonderful month it is. Shall I write about the first roses,
or about the extraordinary red blooming broad beans? About the last tulips? Indecisively
I walk through the garden. But finally I choose the tree peony, it simply looks
breath-taking. B...

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Tulips from Amsterdam.
The other day my daughter and me went to Keukenhof. The weather forecast
predicted a pleasant temperature and lots of sunshine. So, this is the time to
go! Alas, a lot of other people have come up with the same idea. All the
roads to Keukenhof are jammed wi...

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How gardening makes you happy step 5. The temptation.
Dear garden girls, This month I would like to talk about the temptations
all gardeners are exposed to. And I do not mean that nice CHOCOLATE CAKE while
you are on diet, or those SHOES with too high heels you never can walk on, or
that much too expensive des...

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Open garden days. Spring 2017.
April open garden days It is quiet in the garden. The April open garden days
are over. I enjoyed the conversations with the many visitors from home and
abroad. I am touched hearing some visitors have travelled over 700 km just to
see my garden.   It was col...

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Tulips in the wrong colour.
Around Easter many tourists are in our village. It almost
seems they all have only one mission; taking a picture from our flowering pear
tree. I do not blame them. It's such a beautiful picture! I am busy on the other side of the hedge. I have to pull
out a...

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A sea of tulips.
Last week I have been away on a short trip. Returning home,
- my mind still on the blue Mediterranean sea - I am surprised to find a sea of
tulips in my garden! How fast a garden can change in only four days. Especially on the south faced wall of the house,...

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How gardening makes you happy. Step 4. Must-haves.
Dear Garden girls. Spring has begun. Everyone is gardening; even
the non-gardeners. That's why everyone is SO CHEERED UP on a spring day! After
all, Gardening makes everybody HAPPY! Probably you desperately want to go to the
garden centre to buy some plants...

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The taste of early potatoes.
remember my father harvesting the first early potatoes. My mother cooked these
potatoes immediately and baked them too. That taste, delicious! My
father used to grow ‘Eerstelingen’. That is why I planted 'Eerstelingen' last
year too. But the taste of my '...

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The first day of spring.
At my back door a blackbird sings of spring. To miss nothing of this spring day, I quickly go out The freshly mown grass, smells like sun shine. Finally spring. romantic rose garden Blackbird sings. Crocussus Blue spring sky. Spring garden. Spring flower. S...
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