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Since we have enough people in here to talk some baseball. I'll throw a little something out there. Thoughts on Orlando Hudson being traded?
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I'm interested and willing to eat much of the contract if we have to. I'd like to see Cabrera or Forsythe get a shot.
As soon as possible please? I'd rather have Evereth bumbling the ball every game than this blowhard.
If this Jew could have one Christmas wish it would be to get rid of Hudson.
I heard someone say an idea for Huston Street for Orlando Hudson. I'm quite fine with that trade.
Not sure if that ^ would be enough for Colorado. I'd like it, but they'd probably want an upper tier prospect as well.
Brandon - That person is living in bizaro world. Street has trade value, plenty of it. If Hudson was a car, then imagine buying a new car crashing it the next day and now having gap insurance. That is what Byrnes is dealing with.
Can we take off his plates and leave him on the side of the road somewhere?
You mean there is a team stupid enough to take O-Dog? I don't want him back.
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