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Data visualization is where it's at!
In the age of big data, big noise and big confusing messes, you can really help your audience by providing clear infographics that cut to the chase. #infographic   #datascience   #bigdata  

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Woo hoo! This is great news for video marketers!
For the rest of us, it increases motivation to provide more and better video content. #videomarketing   #facebookmarketing  

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Get your social strategy here! Bottom line? There are no magic formulas except for Hard Work + Research + Time (1/Mistakes) = Positive
Results. #socialmediamarketing  

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Sorry for the recent radio silence. I have been away. Over the holidays I was in the UK visiting family. I've also developed a slight obsession with restoring my vintage British motorcycle...

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Do you need a social agency, or can you go it alone?
+Gary Vaynerchuk ponders the question. 

#socialmediamarketing   #smmarketing  

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Google Plus is a must!
Yes, you are reading this because you are on Google Plus! 

#googleplustips   #socialmediamarketing   #socialmediatips  

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Do your brainstorming sessions suck? Here's why.

This article dissects what is wrong with brainstorming as it is typically conducted today. The essence of the piece is that office pressures have emasculated the original concept, which was an open-ended, no-holds barred free for all.

Now we have formalized sit-down meetings where the loudest voice gets the say and the best ideas may never see the light of day. But yes, brainstorming can be successful if you follow a few simple guidelines. First and foremost is to develop a plan.

Although many think brainstorming is completely unstructured, a better approach is to have a plan that guides a session to positive results.

#brainstorming   #creativity   #planning  

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The essential Google Plus Playbook, from Google 
Click the link to the PDF for Google's own guide to making the most of Google Plus. Even if you're a pro, you're bound to find something useful in the 79-page manual. It's also a great resource for your clients who are new to Google Plus.

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Sayonara Foursquare
I can't imagine why Foursquare ignored the basic tenet, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." But they did. And they broke a great app. Too bad. I won't be using Foursquare or Swarm anytime again in the near future.

#foursquare   #socialmedia  

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Quizzes are an increasingly popular way to engage your audience
Have you thought of using a quiz to engage your audience? A number of startups are now providing turnkey solutions to providing interactive quizzes, eliminating the need for technical coding or web design skills. This +Econsultancy article emphasizes that some kinds of quizzes tend to go viral while others don't. The most successful quizzes are not usually factually based. That is, if you don’t know the fact, you feel dumb. But the kind of quiz where you identify with a creature, historical figure, etc. doesn’t require any knowledge, but still engages the audience.

#socialmarketingtips   #quizzes   #marketingstrategy  
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