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Teacher Appreciation
Don’t worry, you didn’t miss teacher appreciation week (as a
side note, can we talk about how teacher appreciation and nurse appreciation
are crammed in to the same week? Every year this week rolls around, I get
frustrated all over again). And really, why d...

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Notes from the Mayul School, 2014
Part of the reason for my temporarily silence within the ELT community on Twitter and on the blogs was due to a temporary return to paper-and-pen notebook reporting during my return to Tibet (you can find a description of my first trip here ). What follows ...

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Thank you for the discussion
Yesterday I stayed late at work. Classes were finished, students and teachers had gone home. I sat up front at the reception desk to keep an eye on things while I wrapped up a couple of end-of-day tasks.  One of our students came in, he was waiting for a fr...

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Notes from the Mayul School, 2011
In honor of Throwback Thursday (#tbt), and my upcoming adventure, I wanted to share some notes that I originally wrote for the website of the Blue Valley Foundation, following a three-month stint in 2011 teaching English at the Mayul School in Gande County....

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Observations and Takeaways from the 2014 LA Regional CATESOL Conference
As I get more and more excited about the upcoming TESOL14 International Conference, I realized I had yet to share and reflect on my most recent conference experience. The experience of presenting was pretty spectacular, and one I will save for another post....

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My second conference proposal
My second conference proposal has been accepted! I will be presenting at the LA Regional CATESOL Conference on March 8, 2014. My proposal was inspired by an ongoing project we have been working on at our center, in which we have reconstructed our self-study...

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Looking Toward the Future in 2014
2013 was a very exciting year for me, both personally and professionally. I spent one month training and working with prospective teachers in the Ecuadorian Amazon. I started a new job as the Academic Manager at a language school. I continued to develop my ...

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"Do's" and "Don’ts" of the ELT Job Search
do network All of those ELT professionals you have been meeting? At conferences, workshops, school visits, social media? Yeah, don’t throw those cards away. Don’t lose track of them. Each of these people could present a new job opportunity, or several, and ...

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The 180-degree teacher's challenge (Part 2)
This session provided me with an opportunity to meet a challenge head-on, as well as  to practice acceptance, willingness, and being in the present moment. The results were mixed on a student-by-student basis: some passed, some failed, some moved to a more ...
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