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Chandler T Wilson
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Chandler T Wilson

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Sweet rack case - where can I get one?

Chandler T Wilson

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Decent points but nothing unique. Seems to take a bit from Foucault on power structures. Also the word social needs to be banned. 

Chandler T Wilson

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#moving #sale #brussels cheap cheap stuff cause I have to bail fast!
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Chandler T Wilson

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Chandler T Wilson

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More evidence we need to just get on with no BS. +Mathew Lowry - thought you would like this ext.. Kinda like the +Opera press release. 
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Chandler T Wilson

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Excellent commentaire francais sur le "disastre" des OGMs en France.
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TRIBUNE - Alors que la Commission européenne vient d'autoriser la culture d'un nouveau maïs OGM, Philippe Chalmin, directeur des études de la Fondation Concorde, avance des pistes pour que la France ne laisse pas passer la « troisième révolution industrielle ».
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Chandler T Wilson

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Chandler T Wilson

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Of course just my opinion. And each is to their own, but the score on it's own is too harsh of a sound. Dynamics are out of line and random. Same could be said for the progressions. To me it kinda sounds cheap and phoned in at some points. Like a poor mans Han Zimmer in the Dark Knight Rises. Works much better in the movie itself, which is the point.   

Chandler T Wilson

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@LFOVCF Or you just need a solid business plan. Get some clients you could charge 500-600 a day to track/mix through something like this.. you could pretty Beasley make the 600 month payments until you own it, then sell it for 19k down the line and upgrade channel count & get bigger levels of work!

Chandler T Wilson

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Never noticed how the Drummer, Bill Berry, is cut out at the end for a few shots. 

Chandler T Wilson

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With the ‪EU Parliament elections coming up, here's a network graph I made of the European People's Party's Facebook page - Key pages other people who "Like" the EPP "Like". This technique can be a good way to understand your positioning and context on topics, which can lead to insights to what you should, as an a business or institution be communicating/addressing. For those that want to know, the degree range was 11-209 so it's only looking at the pretty connected Facebook Pages. Feel free to chime in with questions. I plan to do other EU parties and EU topics as the elections go on. #ep2014  
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Chandler T Wilson

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Anyone know how to get this thing to stream for Skype or Google hangouts? It's not clear from the manual. 
Owner CT LLC - work on change managment, analytics, communications and public affairs
I like data, politics and linguistics. I further have a new love affair with coding in Python NLTK.

Interesting facts:
  • I've worked for the GOP and DFL in the USA and for the European Parliament and European Commission in Brussels.
  • At University, I played (American) football and was also in Theatre.. 
I'd like to think I'm pretty adaptable.
Bragging rights
Probably the only person in the world who played/did varsity Football and Theatre in college. And worked at both the European Commission and Parliament, and for the Democrats and Republicans in the US.
  • University of Kent Brussels - Graduate
    Political Strategy and Communcaiton
  • Saint Cloud State University - Undergrad
    Political Science/ International Relations
Basic Information
September 20
Public Affairs, Data Science, Communications, Business Development, Change Management
Communications, politics, public affairs, business intelligence.
  • CT LLC
    Owner/Operator, 2011 - present
    I founded CT LLC after working at the European Commission, and knowing you can build more effective and measurable communication and political strategies from data & analytics, in comparison to guesswork, group-think and hearsay - stuff I typically saw and still see in Brussels. Since then my team and I have worked with F500 corporations,NGO's and EU institutions on: -crisis communications -corporate reputation and branding -strategic planning -multi-channel campaigns (social media, digital and traditional) -business process (communications) -web, media and social analytics reporting -political, marketing and business intelligence -digital media and communications strategy -search optimization and search engine marketing -business development
  • Intrasoft International
    Head of Campaigns and Analytics, 2012 - 2013
    • Develop client and corporate data based multi-channel and integrated communications/campaign strategies. • Design new ways data, social media and new technologies can be used for communications & business processes. • Write proposals and pitch to prospective clients. • Implement training sessions on new technologies.
  • European Parliament (EPP Group)
    Data mining and communciations, 2011 - 2011
    Developed the first data based political strategy in EU politics.
  • European Commission
    Health Policy and Communications Officer, 2010 - 2010
    Introduced analytics and framing strategies to EAC communications, along with work on health and outreach policy.
  • Attentio
    Communications/Business Development, 2011 - 2011
  • DFL
    Political Consultant, 2008 - 2009
  • GOP
    Political Consultant, 2007 - 2008
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New York, New York - Minneapolis,MN
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My local. Always great and friendly service. Best wings and pizza I've had (I've lived and traveled all over the USA and Europe). I take people from big cities there when they are in town and they come away with the same opinion as well.
Public - 7 months ago
reviewed 7 months ago
Always great service. Great Espresso.
Public - 9 months ago
reviewed 9 months ago
The whole shopping experience in Brussels is just plain bad in most cases. Media Markt is no exception - they have horrible customer service. I had to fight for an hour to be able to get in store credit for a 500 EUR purchase I made of a entertainment system that didn't work correctly. I had the receipt, box and it was with in the 14 day return time period. Originally they didn't want to give me anything claiming I should of known or tested the item to make sure it worked in their store prior to buying - yeah totally practical to expect customers to take a couple hours in the store to set up a new entertainment center in the store to confirm it works. Coming from the USA i've never heard of this type of store tomfoolery. In short I avoid this place unless it's essential, like all other Brussels stores, and just order from Amazon Germany or someplace in the USA (yes in 90% of cases it's still 25% cheaper even with the import tax and shipping).
• • •
Public - 2 years ago
reviewed 2 years ago
4 reviews
Great place. Super chill and personable. Just a great place to hang out.
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago