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Okay, so I think you know what this post is about. The movie Frozen! Well, everywhere you see, you can find something about Frozen and the songs. This one is Let It Go. I found this video on my facebook. It's the song in multi language. I always love to hea...

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//NEW BOOK (1)
Hello! It's me, with a new book review! I have not done this before, so this will be my first and I hope you all like it. This book review is actually for 3, no 2 and a half books. I know strange but the last book is thin, so that is why I say half a book. ...

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Oh my! It's been so long! After my birthday my days started to get really busy with my internship and the my report. I also had like 3 or 4 photoshoots. So when I got home, I totally forgot to even blog. On my weekend days I was busy looking for a new study...

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Yes after a long week of work, finally some free time. And my birthday! I am twenty one now. Up till now I had a really good day. Just being relaxed, and enjoy my day. Got alot of pretty and nice presents already. And I think there will be more tomorrow. Ev...

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Whooh, and it is February already! Just like that. January went by like a flash. I have been very busy in the last few days of January. My internship is taking alot of time. I really love it, but I don't have alot of spare time. Also the next two weeks are ...

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Hello! How are you all? I hope better then me. The last few days didn't go to well for me. I had a headache for like three days. And when I thought it was over I got an allergic reaction to a face lotion! O.o So yeah, not that good. But I am better now, I h...

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Blog change
Hi! It's been very long since I posted here something. I see that my last post was almost a year ago!! O.o Well since then I made a new blog, and then I made it only for me to see , and then I started blogging again. And that is where we are now. But not on...

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Hiii~ It's me again! Did you miss me? lol, probably not haha XD Well I have been busy, and still am, again. I know boring! Sorry. Well I don't have much to tell. I have some post ideas so there are coming more post. I just have to work them out. (when I hav...

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A quick and small post. I have been trying to link my blog and Bloglovin for a while now. And it wasn't working for a while. But I think I got it now. So here is a link if you want to follow me, my blog at Bloglovin! >>Follow my blog with Bloglovin<<

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