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Martin Lewitt
Complex Systems Analyst, using evidence based reasoning to debunk pseudoscience and racism.
Complex Systems Analyst, using evidence based reasoning to debunk pseudoscience and racism.

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"Wow! You live according to critical rationalism!"
Mostly right, I do like Popper, however, I did answer yes to the "one truth" question. I'd have to see what the alternatives were. Here is the total text of my result:

"Sir Carl Popper seems to have influenced you. You question everything that happens in this world, your own behavior included! Everything is a matter of perception and perspective to you. This makes you a person that´s easy to be around, because you can put yourself in other people´s shoes and understand foreign perspectives better than anyone!"

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"Society doesn't even exist" is perhaps the most succinct anti-fascist statement ever made. The corollary is clear: No individual should be sacrificed on the alter of some collective. Thank you Margaret Thatcher.

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Fake news headline, Napolitano's claims were denied, not "debunked". Intelligence agencies routinely spy on leaders of even friendly foreign countries, and routinely deny doing so. It would be particularly embarrassing to the UK if the British intelligence shared such intelligence with Obama at his request, and particularly embarrassing to US intelligence if this was done as a favor and the US side leaked. Expect denials on both sides, whether it is true or false.

The appeals court protected spring break. The appeals court based Washington State's standing on its university students. That is a rather slim basis since those students were already in state and in classes at the time the executive order was issued, and the state itself suffered no loss of tuition revenue. The students might have suffered some harm, from not being able to travel abroad during spring break and the next 80 days or so. But that is not harm to the state.

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It looks like is a fake news site. So Obama allowed advisors to "bilk" investors for the 8 years of his administration, but arranged to start this regulation 4 months into the Trump administration? So the Trump administration is not rolling back a protection that has ever protected any retirees. So much for Think Progress' credibility. +TP Clips #thinkprogress

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When will Google learn, appreciate your loyalty. Samsung is continuing the note line. Coke brought back Coke classic. Bring back Google classic and profit. We all gave the new Google a chance. We don't want to be in collection and community echo chambers we want our circles.

Trump doubled down on his populism. I don't see how to reconcile it with such a solid conservative cabinet.  I suspect that some kind of synthesis will emerge,

The Russians were trying to hack me!!!  Not only were hackers "believed by U.S. officials to be linked to Russia" attempting to hack political sites and accounts, they were also attempting to hack me!  I get several phishing emails a day.   I'm not affiliated with any election sites.  Perhaps they just sent the emails to me as a ruse, to make it appear they weren't specifically targeting political sites, but we know better.   Has anyone else gotten a phishing email?  #phishing #election2016  

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Craig Murray knows Julian Assange and claims to know who leaked the DNC emails, and that yes it was an inside leak.  It appears he could have access to the identity of the source, and he has a history of valuing his reputation for honesty.  So what should we make of this?    Each step removed from the CIA, qualifications and caveats about the conclusions and its basis get lost, and the conclusions are hyped.
I remember Craig Murray when he was the UK ambassador to Uzbekistan. He was extremely credible. He says he knows firsthand who leaked the DNC info, and it wasn't Russia or Russian operatives.
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