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Photos and information from across Northumbria
Photos and information from across Northumbria

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College Valley, Northumberland National Park.
College Valley, Northumberland National Park. The beautiful College Valley lies entirely within the Northumberland National Park, on the northern edge of the Cheviot Hills. Please click on each image for the full size photo.                           

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The Verde Building, Newcastle.
The Verde Building, Newcastle. In recent years new student accommodation has been built across Newcastle, one of the more original buildings is this one, the Verde. Further pictures of the Newcastle University Downing Plaza development. Please click on each...

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Anzac Day

John Simpson Kirkpatrick

John Simpson Kirkpatrick was born in South Shields on the 6th of July 1892 and was killed in battle in the First World War on 19th of May 1915.
In South Shields in his youth he helped out with the donkeys on the beach.
After joining the British merchant navy he deserted while his ship was in Australia but volunteered to join the Australian army at the outbreak of war. He saved many allied lives during the battle of Gallipoli while serving in the “ANZAC” Australian/New Zealand forces and became known as “the man with the donkey“ after obtaining a donkey to carry the wounded away from the battlefield before being killed himself. To this day he is remembered as a hero in Australia.
Here are some photos of his statue in South Shields.

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Kirknewton Northumberland
Kirknewton, Northumberland. Kirknewton is a small village of only 100 people or so, 6 miles (10km) from Wooler in Northumberland and a similar distance to the Scottish borders . The parish has one of the smallest populations in the United Kingdom but covers...

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Easter Sunday, boats on the Tyne
Easter Sunday, boats on the Tyne. Pictures of three vessels on the Tyne , included in the pictures are the sail training ship the Lord Nelson, HMS Biter, a Royal Navy patrol & training ship and the Fortuna sightseeing boat. All the photos were taken on 16/0...

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Fishing Boats on the Tyne
Fishing Boats on the Tyne. Pictures of a variety of fishing vessels on the river Tyne, taken on the 3rd of April 2017. Here are further pictures of North Shields Fish Quay & the Fish Quay at Dusk . Please click on each image for the full size photo.     

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Stephenson Railway Museum North Shields
Stephenson Railway Museum, North Shields.  The Stephenson Railway Museum was created in honour of George Stephenson, a son of Tyneside and the "Father of the Railways". Please click on each image for the full size photo.       

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The wind on the Tyne
The wind on the Tyne. The river Tyne has a long history of industrial development and in the past shipbuilding and coal played an important part in that history. But recently another industry has started to make its mark on this river- wind power. Here are ...

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The Romans on Tyneside
The Romans on Tyneside. These photos show Roman baths which were recently discovered near the Roman Fort of Segedunum at Wallsend. In addition there is a statue which has been built by apprentices at the WD Close engineering company, of a Roman soldier, als...

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Wallsend Parks.

There are three Wallsend Parks close to Wallsend town centre.
The parks are Wallsend Civic Hall Grounds, Prince Rd Arboretum and Richardson Dees Park, the latter is a park dating back to 1900.
The parks provide a resource for both wildlife and local people.
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