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Tony Moore
Comic Book Creator, Cosmic Cowboy
Comic Book Creator, Cosmic Cowboy

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Here's my Carl Sagan tribute piece for the recent SPACE! show at Gallery 1988, curated by Mike Mitchell.

you can check out more of the show here at Gallery 1988:


Knowing how long it took me to draw this damn thing in pen and ink, I'm particularly honored and impressed by this painstaking Walking Dead cross-stitch!

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Here's another of JD Wilkes' videos, this time playing a dropthumb "Soldier's Joy"
Col. J.D. Wilkes plays "Soldier's Joy" (dropthumb banjo)

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if you're familiar with Th' Legendary Shack Shakers, or The Dirt Daubers, you already know the joy of JD Wilkes. His youtube station's got a load of great banjo videos worth checking out.

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Wherever this bus is going, i'm sure i don't want to be.

Passed this Megabus on the way to Chicago recently, and i cackled like an idiot.

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the single most relaxing place on the internet. do yourself the favor:

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Travis is comin'.
here's my variant cover for Scott Snyder and Rafael Albuquerque's AMERICAN VAMPIRE.
i had a lot of fun on this one. i hope you dig it.

All y'all punkass bitches that don't know, Richard Scarry was fuckin' awesome. #readyokidabookmothafucka
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Whose fault is it that the world started using "everyday" when they mean "every day?" Is it Wal-Mart's? Fuck you, whoever it is.

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Graphene supercapacitors could make batteries as we know them obsolete.
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