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The Reliant is the latest ship released by MISC. Check out all the details on this ship in our concept sale post, out now!
Greetings Citizens,. New for model year 2946, it's the MISC Reliant! Following on the success of the Freelancer “Built for Life” campaign, MISC has begun development of a smaller, introductory-class spacecraft that can be operated by a single pilot. Although roughly designed to compete with the ...
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Why would you guys hire a liar and scammer from Hello Games - Gareth Bourne
He will only bring forth more negative media towards star citizen....
I hope star citizen doesn't turn into a single player game also

Really hope you guys at star citizen know what your doing bringing this guy on board... 
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Want to attend a #StarCitizen event? This August, we're coming to Cologne! RSVP for Gamescom 2015!
Star Citizen is coming back to Cologne! As promised, we are hosting the third official Star Citizen event during this year's Gamescom convention. Sign up below to be among the first to see what's next for Star Citizen. We've decided to up the ante for all future Star Citizen events, ...
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Come up to the Seattle, WA area ; )
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We've got updates on everything from the FPS to the Medic skill in #StarCitizen! You've asked ten more questions, and Chris Roberts has ten more answers! It's this week's Ten for the Chairman!
Chris Roberts answers your questions about Star Citizen in the latest edition of Ten for the Chairman! Chris answers ten questions chosen from development subscribers in each show. Want your question considered? Learn more about subscriptions here. Question 1: Medic and Surgeon Skill progression ...
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you need a true open platform that caters to the artists who would love to feature a race on your game if possible mine in particular is called the Ne'malian race 
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It's Monday, that means 10 more for the Chairman! @croberts68 covers more of your great questions, incl. Linux & VR!
Chris Roberts answers your questions about Star Citizen in the latest edition of Ten for the Chairman! Chris answers ten questions chosen from development subscribers in each show. Want your question considered? Learn more about subscriptions here. 1:18 – Join in-progress free flight games.
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I'm glad they're finally starting to talk about Linux, I just wish the news was better. Shame on Crytek, they have a lot of customers waiting on Linux support. Evolve was even part of the steamos sale, they can't very well back out of that now.
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Meet Dennis Daniel! He's the feature of this week's Meet the CIG Devs! Check it out!
Meet the developers helping make the 'Verse a reality. In this episode meet the IT Manager Dennis Daniel! End Transmission. Comments. 013.0. Feedback. Add New Comment. Settings. View mode: One column Two columns Sort by: Oldest first Newest first Most appreciated first ...
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The Aegis Dynamics Retaliator is hangar ready! Available now through March 30th:
The Aegis Dynamics Retaliator is now ready for your Hangar! The Aegis Dynamics' Retaliator has landed! One of the United Empire of Earth's most powerful warbirds, the Retaliator is a fearsome weapons platform designed to strike and kill capital ships. A key portion of the UEE's power projection, ...
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I like it's in the Space Navy Matte Black!
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Catch up on the latest work our designers have been up to, as they answer ten more of your development questions! Here's Pete Mackay and Matt Sherman to satiate you! It's 10 for the Designers!
This week Game Designers Pete Mackay and Matt Sherman stop by to answer your questions. Want your question considered? Learn more about subscriptions here. 00:51 – Coop Missions in the PU · 01:49 – Hull Breach! 02:45 – TR Talk · 03:48 – Thruster Force · 05:00 – Fuel Efficiency ...
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When will be discounts?
Will the game cost less than 30$ ?
How to get games cheaper package? I just can't pay for the game more than $ 30 but very hunt to play.
On release it probably will be more expensive , you want to release take.
Also the approximate cost at release I can say?
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Read up on the latest information surrounding our first-person shooter module, better known as Star Marine!
Greetings Citizens,. It's no secret that Star Citizen's next major release is Star Marine, previously known as the FPS module. In much the same way that Arena Commander (or the Dogfighting Module) is helping us build a better space sim, Star Marine is intended to introduce the first person ...
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+Richard Eggert he is taking an a̶r̶r̶o̶w̶ laser to the knee. You will meet him later guarding something.
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Around The Verse is back and bringing you all-new content about the development of Star Citizen! This week, we have a new episode of Sandi's Flight School, as well as an interview with Senior Engine Programmer James Wright! Check it out, let us know what you think!
The thirty-Eighth Episode of Around the Verse features and interview with Senior Engine Programmer James Wright! We also have News from around the 'Verse and the next installment of Sandi's Flight school. 1:05 Intro/News · 3:45 News From Around the Verse · 14:40 Subscribers Corner ...
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My social media site is linking To this URL. I average approx 1000 views per day.... If I put in the work...
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The Vanguard's legendary durability allows it to operate in all-weather conditions with limited maintenance. The hard-fighting UEE Marines make frequent use of its ability to comfortably operate from makeshift combat bases. Pick up a Vanguard of your own from Aegis Dynamics! Limited concept sale ends April 6th.
The latest fighter from Aegis Dynamics. The A3G Vanguard is the United Empire of Earth's dedicated deep space fighter. Initially developed as a bomber-destroyer, the Vanguard is a hard-charging bulldog of a ship which features extensive forward-mounted weaponry designed to tear through the ...
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Hope they make the Quarters functional like in the Beta, less minimalistic like in the Avenger. ;)
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The Chairman is back! @croberts68 dishes more #StarCitizen updates in today's #10FTC! Don't forget the sneak peek!
Chris Roberts answers your questions about Star Citizen in the latest edition of Ten for the Chairman! Chris answers ten questions chosen from development subscribers in each show. Want your question considered? Learn more about subscriptions here. 3:58 – Repairing Gold Horizon Space Stations ...
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How's your #SXSW event schedule? Add a few #StarCitizen events to your weekend!
Citizens! South by Southwest is here! And we've teamed up with SXSW Gaming to bring you lots of great Star Citizen themed events! Will you be in the Austin area this weekend? Entry is free and open to the public! NOTE: You do not need a SXSW badge to attend any of the events.
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