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Be one of the first to get your hands on the #starcitizen FPS module by attending our @PAXEast event!
We are proud to announce that we will be having another event during PAX East in Boston. Last year we showed the best step forward in Star Citizen at the time, Arena Commander. Catchphrases were created and the world was able to see how space combat in the 'Verse works. This year we will focused ...
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+André Champagne​ it sells out fast. But no one says you have to stay in Boston.
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Episode 54 of 10 For the Chairman is live! See if your question got answered!
Chris Roberts answers your questions about Star Citizen in the latest edition of Ten for the Chairman! Chris answers ten questions chosen from development subscribers in each show. Want your question considered? Learn more about subscriptions here. Questions covered in Episode 54: ...
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Could you possibly talk about the lasers on the Orion and their use as weapons in the next one? Thank you. 
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#StarCitizen Careers: MINING. Read more in this exclusive in-depth design post by Tony Zurovec!
Sic itur ad astra. by Tony Zurovec, Director, Persistent Universe. Star Citizen's ultimate objective is to present players with a vast, incredibly detailed universe where everyone can forge their own unique path through the stars. To that end, we're going to great lengths to ensure that ...
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Sounds a lot more exciting than mining in EVE.
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We've launched another ship sale for this Valentine's Day weekend! The Origin Jumpworks M50 and 350r are both now available for purchase! Visit for more information.
If this is not correct, please select your Country of residence so that we can display the appropriate taxes, if applicable. Say goodbye to the familiar: The brand new Mustang Read More. Arena Commander Starter - Package. $45.00 USD. more info Add to cart. Arena Commander - Module Passes ...
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yes please, Orion :-)
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Two of the creative minds behind #starcitizen sit down to answer YOUR questions! CIG's lead technical designer Dan Tracy and technical designer Calix Reneau cover a wide range of topics including maneuvering thruster iteration and shooting non-launched missles! It's this week's 10 for the Designers!
This week lead technical designer Dan Tracy and technical designer Calix Reneau stop by to answer your questions. Want your question considered? Learn more about subscriptions here. Questions covered in Episode 01. 0:52 – Organization advertising. 3:08 – New player tutorials ...
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Awesome stuff
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On this week's episode of Around the Verse, Ben and Sandi are back in the Santa Monica office to bring you the latest updates on #starcitizen! We've got an interview with Co-Founder and Vice Chairman Ortwin Freyermuth, as well as a community giveaway! Check it out!
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"Meeow I'm going to go watch the last Town Hall Panel!"
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Have them in circles
9,119 people
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Let Disco Lando guide you through The Wonderful World of Star Citizen! In the pilot episode of this new community-based show, Jared covers fan-created videos, artwork and even podcasts! Find a new favorite today!
Greetings Citizens,. Jared “Disco Lando” Huckaby hosts a new kind of Star Citizen show. We wanted to highlight some of the amazing fan created content in the 'Verse. From videos, to podcasts, to narrations everything citizens create has a home in The Wonderful World of Star Citizen.
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I like it. the format is nice and Sober. Disco Lando the character would have been too much but the real guy speak well and does the job perfectly
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The Orion is being offered for the first time as a limited concept sale. Includes lifetime insurance and more extras for your Hangar! Hurry, Concept Sale ends March 2nd.
There's gold in them thar hills! The RSI Orion is mankind's premiere spatial mining platform, fully compatible with all Mark IV Remote Mining Devices, and featuring an onboard refinery and a system of saddlebag-class storage units. For advanced mining operations, the RSI Orion is second to none.
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+ZypheR yes, same here, I love mining and indu ships.
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We need your help deciding which ships should go on the box art of #starcitizen! Vote here:
WIP concept for the Star Citizen box. Greetings Citizens,. As Sandi announced on Around the Verse today, we're in the process of designing the collector box art for Star Citizen! The artwork is being developed by Chris Olivia, and there will be four separate pieces which combine to form a larger ...
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You've gotta have the freelancer on the front no question
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Become a subscriber and gain access to exclusive content surrounding the making of #starcitizen ! This week's Vault update contains images from the Battle Arena! Want more?
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+Shane Shepherd ok, thanks for that.
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In this week's Around the Verse, we answer a fan request and bring you a tour of the Austin studio! Join Mark Skelton as we tour around the office!
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+Tetja Rediske but we saw that they were working on them....
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Chris Roberts is back to answer more of your burning questions! This week he covers player-to-player sales, backpack functionality and character maintenance. Check it out! 
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+Orian Kerman SOON™
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