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Yo people. My buddy Sara Payan got cancer. She beat it. And when she went back to work after 6 months of cancer / medical leave ... yep, canned.

We're running a campaign to help cover her c.o.b.r.a. payments to keep her medicated and un-embarkated. There are some great premiums including a month of piano lessons, a champagne brunch in the park, shows at the Dark Room and Magic theaters. Chicken John even kicked in a book or two.

Anything helps, even a buck, even a repost.

Just when I had lost hope for the next generation, I got a trick-or-treater dressed as The Doctor. He got extra candy.

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Looking for something to read?
This is the unofficial book trailer for Return to Exile.

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I arrived home to find a trail of chewed up film leading to the backyard. I'm obviously not as pleased to see the dog as she is to see me.

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For anyone looking to start their children on Lovecraft early.
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