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Update from our very first Uganda Family:
Two weeks ago my husband, Eric, and I had the opportunity to
travel to DRC to meet our children.   We
have been home now for less than 48 hours and are trying to process through
everything that happened on our trip.   I
don’t think I have ever been as nervo...

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Recently Home from Uganda
Recently Home from Uganda:               EAC is working in cooperation with the Department of Youth & Child Affairs to complete adoptions from Uganda. Adoptions from Uganda continue to go smoothly. As EAC has been
completing quality adoptions over the las...

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Update from the DRC
Beautiful Moments As most of you know, Robin is flying solo on this trip to the DRC.  Batman (aka - Debra) stayed behind to tend to her husbands needs as he battles for a lung transfer.  Debra's family is, obviously, the most important thing to her, but her...

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Another rewarding trip...
Congo… It’s becoming our Home away
from Home As difficult as it is to leave our
own families and friends when we head to Congo, we feel the beautiful children
of Congo are becoming our own.   The
children are now calling us Mama Debra and Mama Robin!   We h...

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As you know, we recently returned
from Congo.   We went with one main goal -
we wanted to audit the paperwork trail and see how we could organize and
be more efficient in the adoption process in country.   During this review process, we determined it
was ne...

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Haiti... Here We Go!
There is a lot of excitement surrounding our Haiti program! Debra and I are so happy to be
back in Haiti!  When we arrived at the airport we were greeted by an island
band - it makes you want to dance all the way to customs!  We got big smiles
on our faces ...

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Hello Uganda!
Africa Trip - Uganda We have come to Uganda in an effort to
upgrade our program.  We have had GREAT success to date, but feel there is still more we can be doing for these children.  We have been able to visit 3 to 4 orphanages per day.   From what we've se...

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Quick Update today!
Winding Down our stay in DRC We are down to our last 3 days on this amazing trip!  Although it saddens us to have to leave, we leave rejuvenated in our desire to help these beautiful children find families like yours! Before we depart, we still have a lot o...

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What a week it has been!
A Lot to Share with You! So, with so much excitement going having the families here with us, it has made it very difficult to WORK!  Who wants to work when there is so much loving going on!  But work we must and we are doing so.  As has become customary, wh...

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Perspective from an EAC family in Congo
Kinshasa is everything and more than we thought!  Robin and Debra are
right when they say there aren't words to describe the airport luggage
claim. but even then I still felt safe because Patrick, Alan (the Sunny Days Director), and his staff were there t...
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