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Surth Gino
Me has conocido en un momento extraño de mi vida
Me has conocido en un momento extraño de mi vida

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Wea. Looking for answers.
Wea was a
shadow. After so much training, she can move like making absolutely zero
sounds. So there was she, climbing through that smooth wall much faster than
the average people running, using her fingers as little axes sharp at an inhuman
level. It seemed...

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As. Starting his journal.
“Yes, I
agree, I should have started this way before… but thinking again about the
begins is not always a easy thing. Even now, while I’m writing this, I still
have problems deciding when starts it. Ok, just focus, here I go… As you
probably know at this po...

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The Gordon's Goodbye.
- Well
done, you almost got me. - But..
¿What the f…? –Gordon was trying to sit up until he realized that a hand was
keeping him lying. He didn’t recognize the sound of that voice, but suffering
an assault at home is never a good sign.   - Don’t
waste your ...

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Aunque esté escribiendo esto sin tener una idea clara de lo
que quiero hablar, he de decir que viene provocada por la canción “en otro
sistema solar” de Jotandjota. Y es que muchas veces me he sentido igual,
salvando al distancia que él lo sacrificaba todo ...

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