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Faunal Representation on
Chalcolithic Ceramics
by Dr. Prabash Sahu

INR: 1500
ISBN: 978-81-8090-393-9

As Translating any literary work needs retaining the original
beauty, plot, local sensitivities and the cultural connect
into the translated language - This is an arduous task, very
essential in translated works. The translation of travelogues
of the past especially with historical evidences is
even more challenging to translate - as this involves a very
clear understanding of the cultural and economic situation
of the involved period, validating the mentioned evidences
/ artefacts, identifying the changes in social structure,
changes in name and status of cities and towns, mapping
the system of weights and measures to understand it in
todays terms. This translation needs the author-translator
to under-stand the perception of the chronicler-traveler
with a clear understanding of the traveler’s social, economic
and religious background and beliefs. There are very few
people with this ability to compre-hend the past and connect
it to today, Mr. BKS Murthy with his vast experience
in trans-lating Russian literature to English and Kannada
along with his knowledge of history has successfully translated
the writings of Nikithin made during the Bahmani
Sultans the first independent Islamic kingdom in South
India. I am sure this will provide immense insight into the
life of people and the politics in the 15th century.

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Edited by Dr. T. S. Ravishankar
Dr. S. Swaminathan

INR:4000 | $ 110
ISBN: 978-81-8090-377-9

As a tribute to the memory of Dr. K.V. Ramesh, a collec-tion of essays is presented by scholars who admired and adored him. Dr. K.V. Ramesh, for whom this collection of essays is meant, was such a scholar, whose scholarship was widely acclaimed and applauded. An erudite scholar and accomplished epigraphist of high caliber Dr. Ramesh com-bined in himself the orthodoxy of old school of thought and recent trends in the Indian historiography. Dr. Ramesh was a versatile genius whose passion included not only epigraphy but also other fields. His mastery of Sanskrit, Tamil, Kannada, and English was really enviable. A con-noisseur of arts and letters he was equally at ease in solving crossword puzzles as he decipher ancient inscriptions writ-ten in a complicated script. Epigraphy obtained a new lease of life during his tenure and research scholars thronged to the branch in large numbers which earned the branch a sobriquet “Mecca of epigraphical studies”. It is a thrilling experience to go through the books authored by him as they are written in a breezy style. A polyglot he was a role model to many.

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