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What's not to love about free? And it's Baker Creek!
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This could really work. We could fix corruption ourselves. Check it out!
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Does anyone have any Ajvarski pepper seed they want to sell or trade? Would make an elderly person very happy if I could grow this for them. Thanks.

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This is so cool. Like Khang's Frankenpepper, only with fruit.
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Tino Khong-You've Got Mail!

Hey Tino, here's what went in the mail to you today:

Seed for-
curly parsley
superbo basil
pineapple tomatillo
garlic chives
thai basil
lime basil
brown turkey fig
purple passion flower (Maypop)
Goji Berry

Cuttings for-
Morus Alba (White Mulberry)
Goji Berry
Wonderful Pomegranate

I have grown all of these in containers. Enjoy!

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For all my chili head acquaintances. Now all you need is a hab margarita so you can salt the glass with this stuff! Yum.
Habanero Salt

Check, a batch of Christmas presents made and curing.

Habanero Salt

2 cups coarse sea salt
2 ounces pureed habanero (red gives the nicest visual)

Mix well, place in jars, shake every day for 1 month. I recommend using a cut up plastic ziplock as a liner due to the fact the salt/habanero mixture will eat away at the lid.

I think the chili heads on my list shall enjoy.

#habanero #salt #chili #thinkingahead
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Off topic I know, but does anyone know when you should harvest eggplants from a Long Ping Tung eggplant? And on topic, the sun scorched a few of my peppers after a storm blew my awnings down. I trimmed back the damage, but is it a good idea to fertilize, or should I wait a bit?
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Hi. I just started growing various peppers last year, both in dirt and hydroponically. Found this group via Khang's YT channel. Looking forward to learning a lot!

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Jamie Oliver live!
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