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Public disclosure, or just between friends?
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Translated from a post in Norwegian:

When I see new users starting their Google+ experience, it seems like many are stuck on the idea that Google+ is just a facebook with a different name.  I used to think like that in the beginning, and I even chanted the ”FU Facebook, let’s move to Google+!” mantra for a while.

After gaining more experience, I have chosen to treat Google+ and Facebook as two different systems for two different needs.

Facebook let you build connections through existing social ties, while Google+ give you the opportunity of making ties to people you don’t know, but who share your interests.  You do not need to have a goal of using one or the other. Say Yes, please! I’ll take both!

Just between friends
I’ve dropped all Likes and Follows of brands and services on Facebook. I turned security up to water tight (visible to friends only), and in general pruned the contact list to real life friends and family.  I can wring my soul and expose my inner secrets without random strangers twisting in their chairs, and I can peep on what family and friends are up to.  I have to admit I’m not very fond of Zuckerberg’s social jacuzzi, but - family is family.

Public disclosure
I have adapted the opposite tactic for Google+.  I go in at the deep end, and post about stuff that fascinate or interest me, workwise or hobbywise, and I use Google+ like I would use a blog.  I’ve made a concious choice of posting to Public instead of limiting the visibility to selected circles or extended circles. Instead of posting to interest specific circles, I’ve tried to use   #tags to tie the post to a topic, a profession or an area of interest.  I follow brands, companies, and individuals in a wide variation.

Why should you post to public?
The first time you enter Google+, you will be looking for someone to follow.  Old friends, celebrities, or experts in their fields.  If these guys only have posted to circles or extended circles, you will simly see an empty profile.  _How boring_ - you might think and decide not to click that Follow button.

Try to post something to Public now and then - to look alive!

Circles or Spheres?
Google+ is incredibly flexible and may very well be applied for “closed circles” too, but as I said - if you post something that may be of general interest, and that doesn’t require limited visibility - you will create more possibilities for a richer network of people that share your interests by posting to Public.

Friend or Follower?
When I circle you on Google+, it is not because I want to be your friend.  You don’t have to circle me back.  All we say by circling someone, is: ”Hey, It looks like you post stuff that interests me.  I’ll follow you for a while to check out what you’re writing next!”

Silence or Storm?
If you post to a circle, and don’t have many followers - and then complain there is no action on Google+, you have missed something crucial.  To get action, you have to parttake and create action too.  Comment the posts of people that you follow.  Use the +1 button to thank, confirm, like or applaud a post or a comment. Write your opinion in a comment, but be mindful of how it will be read.  A constructive angle will be far more efficient than a hate post.

Share the posts of others - but do add your opinion about the post.  That’s a good way to start good discussions and conversations.  In the spirit of netiquette, a lot of us also appreciate proper references to sources.

Google+ is not Facebook.
It is far more than a place for old friends. It is where you’ll find new friends!

The best thing is: You can form your Google+ experience exactly like YOU like, so never mind my suggestions - just do it the way you like it :)

Have a nice Friday!
Lars Fosdal

In Norwegian:
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